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    Buzzer is the smartest member of the Dreadnoks. He enjoys destroying things with his diamond-toothed chainsaw.

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    Not much is known of the Dreadnok known as Buzzer, but it is rumored that Buzzer was once a sociologist from Cambridge, England known as Richard Blinken-Smythe. According to the rumor Richard Blinken-Smythe went to Australia to study biker gangs, and never returned. From there it is believed that he joined gangs, eventually settling with the Dreadnoks. Buzzer’s intelligence and high opinion of himself often got him into trouble. Buzzer was among the three Dreadnoks who followed Zartan to the United States, to aid Cobra. For some time Buzzer was the informal leader of the Dreadnoks. Buzzer was captured by the Joes shortly after stealing Zartan’s motorcycle for a joyride with fellow Dreadnoks Ripper and Torch. After a long stay at the Joes headquarters, Buzzer and a female prisoner named Candy would be taken from the Pit in a military bus. Candy was Rip-Cord’s girlfriend, and she had since been suspected of being a spy for Cobra, when it was revealed that her father had ties to Cobra. Buzzer found Candy attractive, but she wanted nothing to do with him. Buzzer overtook the bus, nearly killing the guard and driver in the process. Buzzer stole a pick-up truck and forced Candy to flee with him. She was terrified and upset. She was afraid the Joes would think she helped Buzzer escape. As they fled, Candy found a shotgun inside the truck, and forced Buzzer out of the truck. Buzzer begged for his life, and was surprised that Candy just took off in the truck, leaving him stranded on the side of the road. Buzzer would walk all the way back to Springfield, and play a part in the murder of the Soft Master, and the incidental death of Candy. Buzzer would lose the role of the unofficial leader of the Dreadnoks when Zartan’s sister, Zarana, showed up. After years of working alongside Cobra, the Dreadnoks would reorganize into a national biker gang. After a few years the Dreadnoks would once again aid Cobra. The Dreadnoks ended up in a fight in Washington, against a new/advanced B.A.T. and the Joes. Buzzer and many of the original Dreadnoks would be arrested and thrown into Blackwater Prison. Thanks to the legal machinations of Tomax & Xamot, they were all set free, and sent to Cobra Island to aid Cobra Commander in his fight against the forces of a revived Serpentor. Zartan, posing as Cobra Commander was arrested during the battle and with help from several other Dreadnoks, Buzzer would aid in Zartan’s jail-break. A little over a year later the Dreadnoks would be seen fighting Duke and General Rey at their Everglade base. Duke and Rey came looking for Zandar, so that they could gain information on Ray’s past.



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