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Bufford and Boyd Buzzard lived out in a cabin in the Canadian wilderness. They would feed on locals and use weapons carved out of bone to kill their prey.

Character Evolution

A new pair of rogues in Wolverine's gallery, the Buzzard Brothers may play a larger role in the Hand's current scheme.


The Buzzard Brothers were created by Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo in 2011 and first appeared in Wolverine # 5.1.

Major Story Arc


Bufford and Boyd Buzzard knock out a truck driver who was broken down on the side of the road in Canada. Boyd explains to the truck driver how they feed on people and how Americans are his favorite, tasting of cigarettes and syrup. Boyd shoots an intruder and brings him in to be cooked as well. The intruder winds up being Wolverine who cuts off Bufford's hand and escapes with the trucker. The Buzzard Brothers are taken into custody but freed by The Hand.

The Buzzard Brothers appear later, disrupting a meeting between the Kingpin and Yakuza clan leader Mr. Takenaka in Central Park. This time they are super powered as they are able to withstand several rounds of asteroid busting bullets. Wolverine, who was nearby, takes them on but again leaves them alive.

Powers & Abilities

The Buzzard Brothers have a unique arsenal of weapons carved from bone. They each posses a bone gun which fires "tooth bullets". After working for The Hand they are upgraded with super durability, any other powers have remain to be seen.


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