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    Buzz is a demon of chaos that attempted to kill Linda Danvers, an act that resulted in her and Matrix merging. He would end up helping both numerous times.

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    Buzz's wife Valeria stabbing him
    Buzz's wife Valeria stabbing him

    Marcus Gaius was an auger, or priest, in ancient Rome during Caligula's reign. Initially refusing to aid in his friend Cassius Chaerea's campaign to kill the mad emperor, Marcus changed his mind when Caligula forcibly took his wife Valeria to be his concubine. Distraught, Marcus prayed for Jupiter to aid Cassius Chaerea and return his wife to him. During these prayers he was approached by Baalzebub and made a deal with the demon - in exchange for helping his friend's cause and the return of his wife, he would be forever his. Baalzebub did as he promised, but Valeria was angered by her husband's apparent inaction and stabbed him upon their reunion. As Marcus lay dying, Baalzebub once again appeared and took his soul per their deal, giving him the name he would use from then on: Buzz.


    Buzz was created by writer Peter David and artist Gary Frank.

    Major Story Arcs

    Joker Last Laugh

    For more information see: Joker: Last Laugh

    Buzz and Two-Face have just completed their Bizarro Supergirl and are on the way to Arkham Asylum to get other villain DNA to make more Bizarros but on the way they are affected by the Joker Venom. The pair then give away the money they were trying to steal. Then back at their headquarters, where Buzz's mood changes from insane laughter to uncontrollable sobbing. When Supergirl finds him, Buzz tries to explain these odd feelings. Supergirl points out that those feelings just prove he's human.

    Deep Soul Rising

    Buzz makes a deal with Twilight, in an Atlantic City Bar and Grill, to betray Supergirl, in exchange for The Earth Angel Of Fire.

    Louder than Words

    Buzz and Supergirl help a deaf school go after a large chemical company, during which Buzz shows he knows sign language and that he still has feelings for Supergirl.

    The Vegas Idea/ Rhyme and Reason

    While in Las Vegas, Buzz approached by Twilight again. This time she tries to tell him not to help The Mother of Demons, but to protect Supergirl. When Buzz tries to get information from Twilight she hits him and disappears. Buzz is then approached by Humbert a member of his use-to-be cult. Humbert informs Buzz that the cult has a plan to release the Demon Etrigan. Buzz tries to stop the Cult, because he knows Etrigan is too powerful and will kill everyone.

    Instead of stopping the ritual he inadvertently becomes part of it and Etrigan is put into Buzz's body. Etrigan-Buzz then fight Supergirl until she is teleported away by Frank the Mighty. Etrigan-Buzz kills Frank the Mighty then goes to Dante's Inferno Casino and wins at craps. This comes to an abrupt end when Etrigan-Buzz loses and gets angry. Supergirl shows up in time to make sure he doesn't kill anyone, but instead of fighting Supergirl Etrigan-Buzz proposes Supergirl marry him and Etrigan's army would be hers against the Mother of Demons.

    Supergirl agrees but during the wedding Mother of Demons shows up and stops the wedding. When Etrigan-Buzz learns that this was part of Supergirl's plan and she was never going to marry him, he punches so hard she lands in Reno. Mother of Demon then put Etrigan back into Jason Blood's body leaving Buzz empty again.

    Double Identities/ Cashing in Chips

    Jason Blood confront Buzz, and threatens him for trying to steal the Demon Etrigan from him. Buzz in turns steals Jasons wallet. Buzz then goes on a gambling spree with Jason's money. His winning streak comes to an end when the casino is cleared out because Supergirl, Mary Marvel and CM3 are battling near by. Buzz blames Linda for taking away his fun once again.

    A Plague on Both Your Houses

    Linda Danvers convinces Buzz to take Mary Marvel with them on there mission to find Supergirl. On the road out of Las Vegas they are attacked by Hurmizah. It is Buzz who explains who Hurmizah is and how to defeat him. It is also Buzz stabs Hurmizah in the back sending him back to Hell.

    Pyramid Schemes/ Spiders and Snakes

    Buzz, Mary Marvel, and Linda are in Mexico when Linda has a dream that lead them to the Pyramids of Teotihuacan. There Linda and Mary are attacked by Quetzalcoatl and the Spider Goddess. During the fight Buzz is knocked the steps of the Pyramid and he is teleported to Hell where he finds himself in the presence of Baalzebub. Baalzebub makes Buzz an offer, work with Lilith and he gets the Earthbound Angel and his old powers back. Buzz agrees under the provision Baalzebub tells him what the Demon Mother's end game is. Baalzebub tells him she plans on bringing back Carnivore, and Baalzebub sends Buzz back to Mexico.

    There Buzz sees Linda being attacked by the Spider Goddess and escape by growing fire wings. Buzz then helps Mary Marvel save Linda's life from the Spider Goddess's poison bite. Back to full health, Linda informs Mary and Buzz she knows where the Earthbound Angel is being held.

    Chaos Rains/ A Better Angel

    Buzz leads Mary Marvel and Linda Danvers to the Garden of Eden. There they are attacked by Demon Mother, and Hurmizah. When Mary is stabbed by a Hell-Spawn dagger, Buzz blames Linda, and appears to turn on her. But when Hurmizah is engulf by darkness from Twilight, who double crossed Demon Mother, Buzz steals the Hell Spawn dagger. Then when Demon Mother has her attention turned on Supergirl, Buzz stabs her with the dagger. Supergirl is able to then defeat Demon Mother and send her to Perdition. For his good deed Baalzebub comes for Buzz, and Buzz exclaims it did to finally get revenge on Baalzebub for turning his wife against him all those years ago. That is the last anyone has seen Buzz.

    Physical Statistics

    Height: 5'10"

    Weight: 190 lbs.

    Eyes: Brown

    Hair: Blond


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