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    A powerful master. Close friend of He-Man. He is a skillful warrior but always fails to achieve success for his hot temper.

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    Buzz-Off is a warrior from a race of humanoid bees called Andreenids, who live in the Mystic Mountains of Eternia. Once a sworn enemy of Stratos, Buzz-Off tried to defeat the Avions with his army. He-Man and Randor stopped the war and failed Skeletor's conspiracy.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Minicomics

    *These may not be in the correct order but, due to the way they were release an exact order is hard to determine.

    He-man and The Insect People

    For more information see: #15 - He-Man and the Insect People

    Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, Teela, and He-Man investigate the cause of earthquakes all around Eternia. They quickly learn that Beast-Man has trapped the Kex queen and her eggs. While He-Man fights Beast-Man, Buzz-Off flies off to get the rest of the Kex people to help save their queen. Together they defeat Beast-Man and Buzz-Off, Mekaneck, Teela and He-Man are all made honorary members of Kex society.

    The Secret Liquid of Life

    For more information see: #17 - The Secret Liquid of Life!

    In the Evergreen Forest, Buzz-Off, He-Man, Ram-Man and Teela find Dakon the prince who escaped from Geldor. The group goes to Geldor's keep to rescue Torgul, Dakon's soon to be father in law, but he has already left for the Orge Cave and the Liquid of Life. So the group goes to the Orge Cave to save Torgul and his daughter and Dakon's love, Maran. They defeat Geldor and Darkon and Maran are married.

    The Obelisk

    For more information see: #22 - The Obelisk

    Once a year a great Obelisk raises from the ground, its power and meaning are always different. When this happens, He-Man asks Buzz-Off to fly to the top and see what he can see. He sees words but can't make them out. Then when Skeletor attack with Beast-Man and Tri-Klops, Buzz-Off shoos him away.

    Grizzlor the Legend Comes Alive.

    For more information see: #25 - Grizzlor the Legend comes Alive!

    Buzz-Off tells a campfire story about the legend of Grizzlor and scares Teela but Man-At-Arms and Fisto are not impressed. The next day, Buzz-Off sees footprints in the sand and believes them to be Grizzlor's but no one believes him. Later that day the group stops for some rest and are ambushed by Grizzlor. Teela is taken away by Grizzlor back to his master Hordak. Buzz-Off flies off to get He-Man and bring him back. With He-Man's help the Masters are able to scare off Grizzlor and rescue Teela. Buzz-Off learns not to tell stories, (even though everything he said was true.)

    Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde

    For more information see: #26 - Mantenna and the Menace of the Evil Horde!

    Buzz-Off reports to King Randor that the Lake and Rivers all over Eternia are drying up.

    The Treachery of Modulok

    For more information see:#30 - The Treachery of Modulok!

    Buzz-Off makes an appearance as one of the Masters who gets a piece of Modulok, having no clue what it is he gives it to He-Man.

    Flying Fist of Power

    For more information see:#31 - The Flying Fists of Power

    Skeletor shows up to Castle Grayskull with Prince Adam as a hostage. Buzz-Off flies off to get He-Man, not knowing they are one in the same.

    The Hordes of Hordak

    For more information see: #42 - The Hordes of Hordak

    On the Golden Isles of Eternia, Buzz-Off is there when prince Adam gives a speech about how important the Masters are. Then Buzz-Off watches helplessly when Hordak teleports in, blasts Prince Adam and kidnapps Sy-Klone. Then later, when He-Man returns with Sy-Klone, Buzz-Off reminds everyone the Masters still need to clean up.

    Eternity War

    For more infromation see: The Eternity War


    For more information see: He-Man/Thundercats

    Buzz-Off is there when Adam is late for his on honor ceremony, he even thinks to himself , "Adam would be late to his own funeral". Then when Third Earth pulls itself into Eternia's time and space and causes a giant earthquake, Buzz-Off, along with the other Masters, jump into action to save the Eternians.

    Then later, Buzz-Off is one of many Masters at Adam's funeral.

    Other Media



    Buzz-Off appeared in 4 episodes of the Filmation cartoon He-Man and The Masters Of The Universe.

    He was a little more then a background character, and it wasn't til the end of the seirse that he started handing out with Mekanek and received a real personality.


    Buzz-Off appeared in 15 episodes of the re-launched cartoon He-Man and the Masters Of the Universe.

    In the relaunch Buzz-Off was made the leader of the Andreenids. His design was drastically changed to be more insect like, and he personality was changed to be untrusting of anyone not Andreenid.

    Action Figures


    • Flight
    • Radar Vision
    • Sting Blasts

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