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    After the evil separated from Majin Buu, the good Buu remained. He would stay a great friend to Hercule and an ally to the Z-Fighters.

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    This page is for the Good Buu who separated from the evil Majin Buu. Please see the Majin Buu page for all other versions (Innocent Buu, Evil Buu, Super Buu and Kid Buu)


    When the evil Majin Buu defeated the Supreme Kais, he absorbed the Grand Supreme Kai. This gave Buu his portly appearance as well as his innocent behavior, although he was still influenced toward evil by Bibbidi and later his doppelganger Babidi. Unable to control him, Bibbidi sealed Buu away until he was later resurrected on Earth. Following Babidi's orders, Majin Buu went on a killing spree before ultimately killing his master.

    Dragon Ball Z

    After Hercule befriended Majin Buu and stopped him from killing, the evil inside him separated after his dog Bee was killed by evil men. The good and evil Buu fought but ultimately, the evil side won the battle and consumed the good side. This gave birth to the more powerful Super Buu.

    Super Buu would go on to battle the Z-Fighters until Goku and Vegeta fused to become Vegito. Vegito allowed himself to be absorbed by Super Buu. Once inside, Goku and Vegeta (having split their fusion), separated their friends from Buu and reverted him to his original power levels. Vegeta found the good Buu and separated him as well.

    Once separated from good Buu, Majin Buu reverted back into his original form - Kid Buu. Goku and Vegeta fought Kid Buu on the Sacred World of the Kais. Buu assisted in the battle but proved to be weaker than the evil Kid Buu. But he and Vegeta were able to stall Kid Buu long enough for Goku to finish his Ultimate Spirit Bomb and destroy the evil Buu once and for all.

    Buu and Bee would live with Hercule as great friends and Buu would wipe out all the competition in the World Martial Arts Tournaments before throwing the fights to Hercule so he could remain champion.

    Dragon Ball Super

    Buu and Bee remain living with Hercule. At Bulma's birthday party, Buu angers the God of Destruction Beerus by not sharing his pudding cups with him. Luckily Earth was spared after a battle with Goku who had learned to become the Super Saiyan God.

    Buu would later be chosen to fight in a tournament against Beerus's brother Champa, the God of Destruction for Universe 6. Unfortunately, Buu was unable to compete because he failed the written test.

    When Goku tempted Zeno into holding a similar tournament with all universes in the multiverse involved, Buu was again selected and participated in a preliminary battle against Universe 9. Buu fought the warrior Basil and defeated him.

    Excited for the tournament, Buu began training non-stop and got in shape, developing new techniques that impressed Goku. However, the training put him in a deep sleep and he could not be woken up. Frieza was chosen to replace him.

    Alternate Realities

    Dragon Ball GT

    After Goku retrieves the Black Star Dragon Balls, Baby comes and steals them. Uub and Mr. Buu help in the fight against Baby. At one point when they feared that there was no hope, Mr. Buu told Uub that they were once a single being and that in order to regain their full power they must become one once again. They do this creating Majuub. Majuub has the same strength and potential as Kid Buu, but in Uub's body. Uub then gains the ability to transform things in to candy, particularly chocolate. He accidentally turns himself into chocolate however.


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