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Marian Michaels is a Las Vegas cabaret performer who wore a skimpy costume with butterfly like wings. She seemed to be an ok hand to hand combatant. She handled herself well against several opponents. Often blinding them and then escaping with the object she sought. She didn't engage in combat outside of the initial surprise attack, then she'd blind her foes. The blinding effect seemed to last for a large duration.

Her motivation to fight crime has not been revealed. It is assumed she designed and created the costume she wore herself.

She may have received training from The Hell-Rider. But has been shown to be proficient in using the rocket pack and strobe like FX to disable her foes.

Her premiere adventure had her go up against a group of heroin dealers who dressed in cat-like costumes, known as The Claw. She was able to stop the crew from funding and building their fascist army in the desert.

Her second had her go up against a KKK style group known as the Brothers of the Crimson Cross.

She has only had two appearances.

Note: From the time of her first appearance she was immediately in the public domain. She was never published under a Copyright notice.


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