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    A member of the Grapplers, Butterball is an overweight wrestler who uses her massive body as a weapon.

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    Vivian Dolan or Butterball is a member of a wrestling organization called The Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation or UCWF. She was introduced to the UCWF due to her superhuman qualities and abilities which were given to her by the Power Broker.

    Soon after Titania's defeat by the hands of Battleaxe, she was found murdered by The Scourge. Suspecting The Thing to be the cause of this, Butterball and the rest of the Grapplers attack him. In the middle of the battle, Sharon Ventura interfered aiding him by clearing him of all accusations. 


    Butterball was created by Mike Carlin and Ron Wilson in 1986 and first appeared in The Thing # 33. 


    Vivian is your basic overweight wrestler who uses her massive weight and size to dominate over her enemies. She will often throw herself at the opponent crushing them with her weight. Her favorite move that she uses against her opponents is the body slam


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