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Butcheress is a Nazi scientist, who works on Daemites (parasite creatures form the first game). She develops a fascination towards them and feed prisoners and her own solders to them. This made them love the Butcheress. When BloodRayne attacked her, she showed off amazing fighting skills and was believed to have been killed when she was thrown into the Daemites pit. Actually they protected her and she survived the experience.


Many years after the battle, BloodRayne discovered that the Butcheress was still alive. She revealed to Rayne that she had kidnapped her when she was young and tested the parasite on her. This failed and she lost the memory of the event until the Parasite Queen was killed. She then stabs Rayne with a surgical saw and troughs her out the window. After that she started to take a blood bath, when Rayne and her sister Ferril, who had been captured, blew the complex up. Knowing her track record, Rayne thinks she may have survived the explosion.

Human Vampirism

The Butcheress takes pride in being a descendant of Elizabeth Báthory. She uses stiletto heals and bow saws as weapons. She gets her powers thanks to bathing in virgin girls' blood. That also keeps her young and beautiful. She also has knowledge of bringing zombies to life.


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