Character » Butcher appears in 32 issues.

    Leader of the Ax clan. He has since splintered from the Outsiders.

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    Butcher is the leader of the Ax clan when he is first introduced. He appears to be a police officer, which may just be a ruse. He is revealed to have been working with Magus.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Kill Machine

    Butcher appears as a police officer that knocks out Oliver and leaves him in the middle of the dessert. He later reappears after Oliver has a chat with the Magus. He is introduced as the leader of the Ax clan.

    The Outsiders War

    Butcher and the Magus appear to be consolidating all the rogue clans in preparation for war with the Outsiders. When the time came, he and the axe clan, fought alongside the arrow, sword, and mask clans, against the spear, fist, and shield clans.

    Powers and Abilities

    Butcher is a normal human but with peak abilities and proficiency with ax based weapons.

    Agility - Seen when he avoids and cuts Ollie's arrow in mid-flight.

    Stamina - As an armed combatant he requires unimaginable stamina to sustain a melee.

    Weapons master - Proficient with ax based weapons.

    Equipment and Weapons

    The Ax

    The sacred weapon totem of the Ax clan. It confers immortality and enlightenment to its user. It is also signifies the possessor as the leader of the clan.


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