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    Busuli is a Waziri warrior.

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    Busuli is a warrior for the Waziri tribe during one of his hunting trips he was stalked through the jungle by Tarzan of the apes, following his return from civilization. Tarzan set about to murder the young warrior in order to steal his weapons,but remembering his time among humans abandoned his plan. He was soon forced to save Busuli,when he was attacked by a lion, who Tarzan promptly kills earning Busili as well as his entire tribes respect.Tarzan then spends several weeks among the Waziri tribe, during which Busili tells him the origin of his tribes gold, in the city of Opar.

    While he waited to be led to the city of Opar, Tarzan continued to live with the Waziri, frequently hunting with them. During one such instance, the entire tribe of warriors including Tarzan and Busuli attempted to hunt Elephants. Following a failed attempt to pierce an elephants heart with their spears, the elephant went into a rampage chasing and nearly trampling Busuli to death, but he was once again saved by Tarzan's intervention.

    Following the death of Waziri,Busili is the first to nominate Tarzan as the new chief following his leadership in battle against the Arabs.He was then one of the fifty warriors who followed Tarzan to the city of Opar in his pursuit for it's stock of gold.He however along with the rest of the warriors deserted Tarzan upon hearing a shriek,which led to Tarzan's capture by a horde of warriors.


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