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Major Story Arcs


Buster the Large runs Orion's Bastards, a gang of criminals and toughs that run their local town and its Primacin, or Grendel, drug trade.

One of his lieutenants, Sime, picks a fight with Susan Veraghen, but Veraghen beats him and his gang up. Veraghen then takes off with Avril, a prostitute owned by Buster, who knew Susan long ago.

Wanting revenge, Sime tells Buster. After initiating some new members into their gang through ritual violence and debasement, Buster goes off to find Avril. He beats her to death as a warning for Susan.

Susan, however, is a trained soldier and assassin, and tracks down Buster's hideout. Buster, meanwhile, is not totally happy with the outcome, feeling that the whole thing is more trouble than it's worth. When Susan shows up, he grabs a giant handful of the Grendel drug, going insane and bulking up into a huge mass of muscle. The drug is too much for him, though, and when he makes a move to attack Susan, he collapses and dies from the overdose.

Susan hangs his body from a tower outside of town, writing "bully" on his chest.


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