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Brief History

 Bushman kills Dr. Alraune
Bushman kills Dr. Alraune

Raoul Bushman was a former mercenary working in the Sudan along with Marc Spector (later to become Moon Knight). At some point in the past, Bushman had had his face tattooed skull white with some red markings, to instill fear in both his enemies and followers. When Bushman came across Dr. Alraune and his daughter Marlene his greed got the better of him and he tried to kill them over the gold the Doctor had discovered. Marc Spector,aghast at Bushman's behavior, attempted to save the father and daughter team. For this insubordination Bushman beat Spector senseless and left him for dead. Hovering close to death Spector encountered Khonshu and adopted the identity of Moon Knight. Spector in his new identity rescued the Alraunes and defeated Bushman.

Bushman later became dictator and ruler of the African country Burunda. He was heavily funded by drug cultivation and its profits. After another defeat by Moon Knight, Bushman had his ruling status taken away. Bushman was taken away by authorities after a failed assassination attempt on some Russian ambassadors.

However, Bushman was seemingly released or escaped from his captors as he was hired by the New Committee to cause Moon Knight some sort of horrible injury, so that Moon Knight's will to live would deteriorate. Although Bushman managed to break both of Moon Knight's legs, his face was cut off by Moon Knight in a gruesome alleyway fight in an attempt for Marc to appease Khonshu.

 Bushman after the fight
Bushman after the fight

Despite this, Bushman was recently resurrected by the Hood and the Profile. He has teamed up with Scarecrow to break people out of Ravencroft Sanitarium, so that he can bring fear to Moon Knight. After Moon Knight defeats both Scarecrow and the people broken out of the sanatorium, he is found by Bushman the next day. Bushman uses a rocket launcher to weaken a building's supports, then leaves Moon Knight at the mercy of the remaining crazy people. Unknown to him, Moon Knight saves the building and stops the crazy people, and implies to Spider-Man that he's going to kill Bushman once more.A few days after this encounter, Moon Knight finds out from Crawley that Bushman's base is a warehouse by the docks. After entering the warehouse, Moon Knight was ambushed by Bushman, and the two engaged in a violent fight. Afterwards, Moon Knight is about to cut off Bushman's face once more, but a vision of Khonshu appears, yelling at Moon Knight to do so. Bushman then pleads for Moon Knight not to take his face, and Moon Knight reluctantly doesn't. At the end of the issue, Bushman is seen in a sanatorium.

Powers & Abilities

Raoul Bushman is an expert with various weapons, and at hand-to-hand combat. His hand-to-hand is good enough that he poses a threat to Moon Knight. His teeth have also been altered, so that they are razor sharp. Bushman sometimes uses these teeth to kill people, by biting their throats.

Moon Knight's "Best Work"

In the 2006 series, Khonshu appeared to Marc Spector in the form of Bushman with his face cut off. Khonshu frequently referred to Bushman's 'defacing' as Moon Knight's best work, trying to remind him of his past so that he will kill again for him.

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