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    Member of Simon Trask's Mutant Liberation Front. Pretends to be a mutant.

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    In order to deal with the mutant right's activist Reverend William Conover, Simon Trask, head of the anti-mutant organization known as Humanity's Last Stand, formed his own version of the Mutant Liberation Front, allowing him to capture Conover and discredit mutants at the same time. Kristine Calverly was a member of this fake MLF and was administered a drug that granted her superspeed.

    After Kristine died, she was replaced by Megan O'Toole, who became the new Burnout.


    Burnout was created by John Ostrander, Darick Robertson, and Jeff Albrecht.

    Major Story Arcs

    Total X-Tinction

    Ashes, Ashes, All Fall Down

    Burnout was sent by the MLF to capture Conover as he was being escorted on a train by the Punisher, Carl Denti, and Kymberly Taylor. At first, Burnout was able to easily dodge the Punisher's bullets when he fired at her, but he soon started firing where she wasn't and managed to clip her in the shoulder. When Taylor attempted to flee with a Conover aboard a SHIELD motorcycle, Burnout abandoned the Punisher in order to chase after them.


    Burnout quickly caught up with the motorcycle and slashed the front tire, bringing Taylor and Conover to a stop. Conover offered to sacrifice himself so that Burnout would spare Taylor, but she simply captured him and teleported him back to the Humanity's Last Stand compound.

    When Denti claimed to have proof that these members of the MLF were not actually mutants, Burnout was among the MLF members who tried to capture him. She again had to fight both the Punisher and Taylor, but the MLF proved successful in capturing Denti. They were unaware however that this was part of the Punisher's plan.

    Dead to Rights

    Trask ordered Burnout to escort Denti to a cell, after which she would be given a new dose of her drug. Denti managed to escape her however, and changed into his X-Cutioner alter-ego. Burnout reported Denti's escape to Trask and pleaded for her drug dose, since she would die without it. Trask however, refused to reward her incompetence, and she burst into flames from a power overload in front of the other members of the MLF, which Trask hoped would serve as a warning to them. He then asked to have a new Burnout provided.

    The new Burnout joined with the MLF in battling the Punisher, Taylor, and the X-Cutioner when they raided the Humanity's Last Stand compound, but the X-Cutioner managed to bring her down with an ultra-sonic attack. She was presumably killed when Trask blew up the compound.

    Powers and Abilities

    Burnout has superspeed because of a drug that she was given, making her fast enough to dodge bullets and even run faster than a speeding train. Unfortunately, deprivation of the drug which gave her these powers would cause them to overload and kill her, literally burning her up from the inside.

    Burnout also had sharp, metal blades mounted on her wrists with which she could deflect bullets. Like all of Trask's MLF members, she had a teleportation device in her costume.


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