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This article is about the presumed third person to use the identity Burn. For the first or potentially second person to use the Burn identity, see Dick Grayson.


Nothing is known about the origin or early life of Burn, save that he was raised primarily in Gotham. An unsuccessful criminal, he joined with Penguin during the Gotham gang wars and was given some of Heat Wave's old equipment. He was the third Burn to join the New Rogues gang.


Burn was created by Frank Tieri and Jim Calafiore. He made his first appearance in Gotham Underground #8.

Major Story Arcs

Gotham Underground

Burn joins up with the New Rogues, and fights with them against their supposed allies, the Bat Killers. He joins the team in leaving Penguin's employ after Intergang moves into Gotham.

Final Crisis

Burn and the other New Rogues join up with Libra's Secret Society of Super Villains. He helps to kidnap Captain Cold's father. When they are attacked by the original Rogues he fights Heat Wave, who burns him to death.

Powers and Abilities

Burn has no known superhuman powers or abilities. He is not a good fighter or shot.

Weapons and Equipment

Burn wields dual versions of Heat Wave's gun, which is a flamethrower capable of generating extremely hot fire. He wears a fireproof suit to allow him to survive his own gun.


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