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    This is how you do action

    Special thanks to K4tzm4n and Mercy for recommending this one to me. As the stars show I really enjoyed it.

    The Art:

    The art for this was is pretty great the colors tend to pop really well, movement is conveyed perfectly, and the character designs are really well done. Everything about the art comes together for me. The fight scenes(which make up most of the book) are the real highlight as that perfectly conveyed movement is used to convey some great fights with lots of nice quick jabs, blocks, and great brutal hits. Love this art.

    The Characters:

    A problem with most first issues is that the pace gets killed by all the character introduction that goes on, Burn the Orphanage doesn't have the problem though. The intros are quick and you almost immediately learn what you need to know about the characters. Admittedly this causes them to come off pretty simple, but there's just enough hints of complexity(especially for our main protagonist) that you can tell that they won't be so simple throughout the entire comic. Not to mention they're all pretty likable, which is a must for a sweet action comic like this.

    The Plot:

    The plot here kinda reminds me of a crazy awesome 80's action movie. Except with all the flaws sucked out and replaced with punches to the face. It's not complex or really anything that will blow you away but it's so perfectly fun that I didn't find myself caring at all. I will say that the plot wraps up makes it seem like this comic might just be some awesome one shot, but leaves me begging for more, which is a testament to how enjoyable it is to read. I want to see the story continue, I want to see what fights will be next, and I want to see how far this comic will go.


    Obviously I loved this comic, it's just a great fun action filled ride which is exactly what I needed. If you love action, this comic is a must. If you're looking for some subtle and quiet then this isn't where to go, but hey it's still awesome.

    Oh yeah and there are boobs, so if you're afraid of seeing drawn boobs then don't get this.

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