Buried Alien

    Character » Buried Alien appears in 3 issues.

    A Marvel speedster created as a tribute to Barry Allen after his death in Crisis on Infinite Earths.

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    "Buried Alien" enters the race

    Buried Alien was a tribute Marvel character created after Barry Allen's death in Crisis on Infinite Earths. He was in a race with the top Marvel speedsters, won, and was declared the "fastest man alive", exactly like Barry Allen. He also had an extremely similar costume, red and yellow, and had yellow lightning alongside him as he ran. Also, the last thing Buried Alien remembered was running, just like Barry Allen's death in COIE. But, instead of dying. it is implied that Barry Allen ran so fast that he jumped to the Marvel Universe. In the comic book, Buried Alien has amnesia.

    Current Events

    Buried Alien appeared as a tribute character, and was not used after his debut in Quasar.

    Powers & Abilities

    Although Buried Alien has a small amount of feats, he has beaten the fastest Marvel characters, including Makkari. It is also implied that he has a connection to the Speed Force, much like Barry Allen.


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