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    The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense (BPRD) is a grouping of supernatural individuals and government agents that investigate paranormal and occult phenomenon.

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    The Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense was formed towards the end of 1944 by Professor Trevor Bruttenholm. The need came about after Nazi Germany had begun utilizing occult individuals and weapons against their enemies. Bruttenholm would continue to serve as the director of B.P.R.D. until the late 1950s. Bruttenholm decided to step down from his position in order to focus on field work.

    The next and current director is Dr. Thomas Manning. He started adding agents with special abilities first of which was Liz Sherman, who became the ward of the Bureau in 1974. The next agent was Abe Sapien, who was found in the basement of St. Trinidad Hospital.

    The BPRD is a well known to many governments and agencies around the world and has maintained a good relationship with most of them, excluding China and CIA.


    BPRD has a good mix of human and special powered individual agents. Most notably Hellboy, who has resigned, Liz Sherman and Abe Sapien, who still remain with the organization. For more detailed accounts, check the Members section of this page.

    Appearances in other media


    BPRD has appeared in all four Hellboy movies. Its history however has changed a bit.

    • BPRD is a government organization, which was created by Roosevelt. It was created to counter Hitler's growing power in the occult. It also has strong connections to the FBI.
    • Since Hellboy II, the public is aware of BPRD's existence.
    • There are other branches in other countries, but only the German Branch has been confirmed.
    • BPRD might own or be connected to Area 51.

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