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    The owner of Bunsen's Bounty in Space City Robinson.

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    Bunsen is the owner of Bunsen's Bounty within Space City Robinson which is an artificial city arena that occupies various alien resources, interstellar truck stops and alien bazaars. Bunsen's Bounty is in coalition to vast interstellar regions in Lobo's universe quadrant which includes three branches, eleven franchises, and 314 affiliated organizations which has aided other alien bounty hunters affiliated to Lobo included but not limited to Jonas Glim, Lobo, Johnny Quietus, Murder, Billy the Girl, and other variant bounty hunters of different planets.

    Bunsen would be Lobo's second bounty-hunting/ bail agent after the demise of Ramona.

    Bunsen is a miserly, money-oriented and shrewd workaholic who has spite for Lobo's egotism for talking big but holding minimal account for delivering wanted fugitives by a few pieces. Bunsen had given Lobo a 10 million dollar contract to retrieve galactic mob accountant Vernon Z. Qigly. Vernon Z. Qigly had accounts & documentations of every illegal mob transaction done by the pan-galactic mob spanning decades who had staged a 100 million dollar ransom/kidnapping through Mort Fatale and his monster-styled Dead Boys for the ransom and underground escape in effort to leave the planet. Lobo would apprehend Vernon Qigly while leaving his ally Jonas Glim to collect on Mort Fatale and the Dead Boys for a smaller bounty in their efforts of escaping the mob planet. However, a bite from Dead Boys member Jugula would have Lobo transform into a werewolf on a full-moon at Al's Diner in Lobo's efforts to give Qigly one last meal before sent to Bunsen's for the reward making Qigly a meal for the deranged werewolf Lobo while he was also battling Maryfran Kutesy and her Kamikaze Bitch-Babe Bikers From Hell in their rioting hate crimes on chauvinism.

    Bunsen would later offer a job to Lobo to be the bodyguard of agnostic preacher and conman Phonus Balonus who was wanted dead by other congregations while he was reaping profits by the thousands on his skeptical leanings for a lack of God until Balonus fired Lobo after eliminating much of the vindictive faiths set to kill him.

    Bunsen would become a tutorial introduction to bounty hunting agents for their usury, insurance premiums, and exceeding amounts of collateral deductions to Lobo Bounty Hunting for Fun and Profit.

    Lobo and Bunsen's rivalry for litigation would come to a final head due to Bunsen's high financial overhead for surcharges on skip warrants; 10% agency fees, 15% collateral damage waivers, 15% insurance indemnity, index funds, past damages which diminished the prices on the warrants actual rewards. Bunsen's insurance company would later withdraw Lobo for being a bad risk on Bunsen's coverage prompting Lobo to knockout Bunsen for being cheap and set to pursue a since failed career as a private investigator in Hammer City.

    After Lobo's detective efforts failed following the destruction of Hammer City, Lobo would learn of a double-crossing bounty hunter named Django who had previously informed one of Lobo's skips, El Bastarde, of his arrival prompting El Bastarde to provide some protection but not enough to avoid getting slain by Lobo. Lobo would reveal Django to being a liability & a backstabber to other bounty hunters and Bunsen who decidedly set to remove Django from Bunsen's Bounty and the profession completely. Bunsen felt that Lobo would grovel for his job back to the company, but Lobo wouldn't give Bunsen the benefit of the doubt and gave Bunsen one last final hit out of Bunsen's employment before taking another new bounty agent to his benefit- Tartan Quarentino.


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