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    An amateur superhero coming from a small town in Mexico, Bunker is a member of the Teen Titans. He is capable of projecting Psionic bricks to form walls and other structures in various forms. He can also use his psionic bricks as a form of armour.

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    Miguel Jose Barragan was born and raised in the very small Mexican village of El Chilar. He was loved by his family and village and they accepted his powers just as they did his homosexuality. And so, Miguel grew up to have a very positive outlook in life. He later left his home to find Red Robin.


    Bunker, (originally named "The Wall") was a new character introduced into the Teen Titans by writer Scott Lobdell and artist Brett Booth after the September 2011 relaunch of the DC Universe following the events of Flashpoint. Even though Miguel was originally named "The Wall" he has never been called by that name in any comic so far. Bunker is a homosexual character, as both Lobdell and Booth wanted their Teen Titans to be a diverse group of characters in multiple aspects. Booth described Bunker's sexuality as such:

    We wanted to show an interesting character whose homosexuality is part of him, not something that's hidden. Sure they are gay people who you wouldn't know are gay right off the bat, but there are others who are a more flamboyant, and we thought it would be nice to actually see them portrayed in comics. Did we go over the top, I don't think so. I wanted you to know he might be gay as soon as you see him. Our TT is partly about diversity of ANY kind, its about all kinds of teens getting together to help each other. It is a very difficult line to walk, will he be as I've read in some of the comments 'fruity'? Not that I'm aware of. Will he be more effeminate than what we've seen before, the 'typical' gay male comic character, yes. Does it scare the shit out of me that I might inadvertently piss off the group I want to reflect in a positive way, you're damn straight (pun intended!)

    With Bunker's background, Lobdell wanted to make his history "angst-free" thus allowing Bunker to be very open, comfortable, and positive about who he is, and his sexuality.

    Character Evolution

    New 52

    Bunker was introduced during DC's New 52 initiative in 2011. He was introduced as the newest member of the Tim Drake's Teen Titans team. Miguel Barragan aka Bunker is shown as a joyous, optimistic guy from a small town in Mexico who embraces his sexuality. He is often depicted hugging his male teammates either when he first meets them or to celebrate a victory. He also forms a close friendship with Superboy and is the first Titan to actually befirend him.

    His powers include forming purple constructs, most commonly walls or bricks, and controlling their density.

    Major Story Arcs


    In hopes of joining Red Robin's team of heroes, Miguel travels from Mexico to the U.S., traveling across the country by various means. When riding in a train car, he spots a strange cocoon, and makes the acquaintance of a hobo. The homeless man starts to fight Bunker and reveals himself to be none other than Red Robin. Once Bunker realizes who he's fighting, he stops, gives him a big hug, and asks for permission to join his team. Miguel states that he and Red Robin meeting is purely coincidence, and that he has no bad intentions. When the train reaches a halt, the two go outside and face mind controlled civilians; Bunker fends them off while Red Robin takes out the mind control device. After the situation is dealt with, Bunker states that they should track the person who created the mind control device, but Red Robin claims that it's unnecessary. Inside the train, Miguel tells Red Robin that Skitter has awoken and revealed her name to him. Regrouping in New York, he and Red Robin, along with the just arrived duo of Solstice and Kid Flash, confront Superboy after his fight with Wonder Girl. He later fought and defeated the villain Grymm at Star labs, saving Wonder Girl and Skitter.

    He later was captured by N.O.W.H.E.R.E, but escaped after the events of The Culling

    Teen Titans

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    After surviving a dangerous battle with Superboy, Bunker's fellow Teen Titan, Kid Flash, was taken to Star Labs. Bunker traveled to Star Labs in Manhattan with the rest of the Teen Titans where he, Wonder Girl, and Skitter encountered an escaped, insane supervillain named Grymm. Grymm successfully subdued the heroes by releasing a paralytic toxin into their bodies through contact with his skin which paralyzed their movements, but Bunker used his powers to cram Grymm into the ceiling. Bunker was able to use his abilities because they are controlled by his mind not his body. Bunker has also recently been seen to have a strong friendship with his fellow teen titan, Skitter. Miguel fought the Ravagers alongside his teammates and the Legion before they faced Harvest. After managing to escape the collapse of his base, they found themselves on Mystery Island until Danny the Street sacrificed himself to get them back to New York.

    Worried that Red Robin was going to split from the team, Bunker posted online in search of new comrades, which led to him meeting Loose Cannon. Unaware of his intentions, he brought him back to the penthouse where he proceeded to attack the team before Wonder Girl took him out. Solstice started to clean up the room while Bunker showed Kid Flash one of his favorite shows when the lights suddenly went out. He learned of Solstice's and Kid Flash's budding relationship before he was knocked out by Wonder Girl's assualt. He woke up in a motel alongside Kid Flash and Solstice as they recuperated from the attack.

    He is shown as Superboy's only friend, as many of the Titans still don't trust him.

    Character Profile

    • Height: 5'8"
    • Weight: 132 lbs
    • Eye Color: Brown
    • Hair Color: Black
    • Citizenship: Mexican
    • Place of Birth: El Chilar, Mexico
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Adventurer
    • Base of Operations: Mobile


    Bunker is shown to be very positive and friendly. He gets along with all of his team mates, including Superboy who the others have trouble trusting. During the events of the Culling and Death of the Family story arcs he was friendly towards the people they had just met and were working with. He has been shown to go out of his way to comfort his friends, notably Cassie. Others also note how friendly he is, including Roy Harper, who states in Red Hood and the Outlaws #16 that Bunker downplays just how powerful he is.


    Bunker can project psionic bricks to form a wall, but he uses his powers in a way that allows him to create a fist and other shapes. He can also control their density, making them as he said "soft as a pillow or hard as a brick".

    Using this at platforms, he can levitate himself and others.

    In Red Hood and the Outlaws #16, Roy Harper notes that he is more powerful than he lets on and that he might be powerful enough to be in the Justice league by the time he's 20.

    In Other Media


    DC Super Hero Girls

    Miguel Barragan aka Bunker makes a few cameo appearances throughout the series. He has yet to have a speaking role though.


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