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    A magical creature who lives in the Land of Oz.

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    The magician Dr. Pipt brought the Glass Cat to life in order to test his Powder of Life, and so that it would chase the mice out of his home. However, it was too proud and vain to chase mice, so the magician's wife Margolotte named it Bungle.


    Bungle first appeared in The Patchwork Girl of Oz in 1913 by L. Frank Baum.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Patchwork Girl of Oz

    Margolotte and Dr. Pipt's friend Unc Nunkie were accidently turned to marble by the Liquid of Petrifaction. Although she had never ventured far from the Magician's house, Bungle set out with Ojo and the Patchwork Girl to help find the ingredients for the antidote and along the way met the Woozy and the Shaggy Man. When they arrived at the Emerald City she decided to remain there. Her conceitedness made her disagreeable, so the Wizard of Oz temporarily removed her pink brains and replaced them with clear ones.

    The Magic of Oz

    The Glass Cat guided the rescue party that saved Trot and Cap'n Bill from entrapment on the Magic Isle.

    Glinda of Oz

    The usually-uncooperative Bungle found the lost Button-Bright on Glinda's bidding, because "she really feared the great Sorceress..."

    Other Versions


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    At some point, Bungle, the Glass Cat escaped into the mundane world and became one of the helpers of Dorothy Gale, a killer for hire. Bungle was later recruited by Dorothy to aid her in her quest for revenge on her arch-nemesis, Cinderella, as seen in Cinderella: Fables are Forever. Bungle assisted in kidnapping Cinderella and Ivan Durak of Shadow Fabletown and brought them to the Deadly Desert of Oz in an airship. Ivan seemingly manages to overpower their captors and throw Bungle and the other captors out of the ship, rescuing Cindy and himself. Bungle is shown floating down in a parachute, indicating that she’s working with Ivan. In a surprising plot twist, it is revealed that Dorothy was Ivan all along, disguising herself using her magic slippers.

    Bungle's story continues in the Fables series. After Bungle landed, she was drafted into one of the Nome King’s press gangs, building a road across the deadly dessert. She managed to escape with Jack Pumpkinhead and the Sawhorse, also in the press gang. Bufkin came across the group in the Land of Ev, and accidentally saved them from the Nome King’s enforcers, who were chasing the fugitives. All four of them then secretly formed a secret resistance movement.


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