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    A deadly killer for hire capable of using practically anything as a lethal projectile weapon with flawless accuracy and deadly force. He is one of the most psychotic and sadistic characters in Marvel and serves as one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes.

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    Strike Three!
    Strike Three!

    Very little is known about Bullseye's past. He claims to have grown up in the Bronx with a brother and an abusive father. The only time they spent with one another as a family was when they would shoot air rifles together. Even at a young age, Bullseye had excellent accuracy. This was demonstrated when he killed a pigeon by throwing a yo-yo.

    Later, he and his brother, still at a young age, attempted to kill their father by setting the apartment on fire. As a result, the two were split up placed in foster homes. While in high school, Bullseye became a talented pitcher and was offered a college scholarship. He instead chose to join minor league baseball. With a perfect pitching record, it is possible that he was on his way to be a Major League Baseball player.

    Eventually, however, he became bored and killed a batter who mocked him. This was a watershed moment for Bullseye, revealing the pleasure that killing brought him.


    Bullseye was created by Marv Wolfman and Bob Brown in 1976 as a Daredevil foe. Despite numerous similarities, there are no known connections between Bullseye and the original Marvel character called Bulls-Eye who appeared six years earlier in Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. #15.

    Character Evolution

    Bullseye started out as chiefly a Daredevil foe, but was later used against other street level heroes like the Punisher and Spider-Man. With his addition to Osborn's Thunderbolts and then the Dark Avengers, he took on a variety of foes from Morgan Le Fay to Daken to the Avengers and the New Avengers. Donning the Hawkeye garb earned him the enmity of Clint Barton.

    Major Story Arcs

    The Punisher & Daredevil

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    After serving in juvenile hall and prison, he joined the army. He claims he encountered The Punisher during this era. The Punisher attempted to shoot him, only to miss. Bullseye then returned fire with a knife, hitting The Punisher directly in the chest. Bullseye even mocked him by making a Bullseye on his own forehead made of mud. He allegedly went on working for the United States National Security Agency and then went on to become a freelance killer for hire. His rise to notoriety came in New York City where he wanted to make a name for himself by defeating Daredevil. He threw a grenade at the hero, and quickly defeated him in an alleyway. He then lured Daredevil into a carnival and defeated him again. Daredevil later returned the favor and bested Bullseye.

    Kingpin & Elektra

    Bullseye kills Elektra with her own Sai
    Bullseye kills Elektra with her own Sai

    Being beaten bothered Bullseye and destroying Daredevil became his new passion. When Bullseye was hired to kill the Kingpin, Fisk gave him a better offer. Bullseye was now under his employ. After serving some jail time Bullseye began to suffer from his brain tumor. He began to kill innocent people after they all appeared to look like Daredevil to him. He manages to get the upper hand over Daredevil in a fight, and says he will let Daredevil live, knowing that everyone Bullseye kills will be his fault. Daredevil regains his strength and defeats him. Bullseye was angered to discover that the Kingpin had replaced him with Elektra. Bullseye managed to escape from jail during a televised interview and then searched to kill Elektra. In a battle with the female ninja, he slit her throat with a card and then killed her with her own sai.


    It transpired that Elektra was Daredevil's lover and this added fuel to their mutual hatred. After obtaining medical records from Daredevil's childhood accident, Bullseye believes Matt Murdock is Daredevil, and was granted superhuman powers by the incident that blinded him. Bullseye then tries to sneak behind Matt and kill him in his own apartment, but Daredevil ambushes him. Daredevil tricked him by having a dummy pose as Matt with a tape recorder for audio. Daredevil battled Bullseye and the fight moved onto a telephone wire across the rooftops. Bullseye lost his balance and fell, but Daredevil grabbed his hand. Bullseye refused to let Daredevil save him and tried to stab the hero. Daredevil released his grip, allowing Bullseye to plummet. Bullseye's spine was shattered and he was left paralyzed. Bullseye was then taken to Japan, where Dark Wind replaced various bones with adamantium and laced others. It is unclear exactly what bones have been laced, but it has been confirmed that his spine, fists, and skull have adamantium.

    Later, Bullseye posed as Daredevil when he was away from New York for some time. Again, he is defeated by Daredevil. Bullseye also faced against Captain America and Crossbones during a battle between Kingpin and Red Skull's empire in New York. Bullseye battles Captain America in a construction zone at night, and is able to keep the Avenger at bay. The fight is interrupted and Bullseye leaves unharmed. Crossbones later attempts to kill Kingpin, but fails due to Daredevil interfering. Annoyed, Kingpin sends Bullseye to kill the Red Skull. Bullseye manages to shoot the Red Skull in the head, but it turns out to be a robot. He then battles Crossbones. Crossbones quickly obtains the upper hand, but Bullseye spits a fake tooth in his eye, stabs him in the bicep and then flees.


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    He also encountered Gambit when there was a price on Gambit's head. Bullseye stabs Gambit in the chest and defeats him, however Gambit is saved due to interference. He also joined forces briefly with Deadpool, Vulture, Sandman, Sabretooth and Juggernaut to obtain the identity disc from A.I.M. Bullseye attempts to leave the group, and battles the entire roster in a bar. He holds them back briefly with a volley of tooth picks, but is quickly defeated and remains on the team. Bullseye battles Daredevil again and wins, and then kills Daredevil's girlfriend, Karen Page, with his own baton in a church. He also battled Elektra and Daredevil in the streets of New York. He was able to stalemate the two, but when he tried to flee, he is struck by a vehicle. While in jail, he is released as chaos breaks out. Daredevil and Kingpin form an alliance in the prison. When Daredevil is told Bullseye is working with them, he refuses and attacks Bullseye. While working foe Gen.Kato, he had faced Hit-Monkey at a wedding. The monkey was disguised as the ring bearer and tried unsuccessfully to kill Kato, but escapes by throwing cake in Bullseye's face. Bullseye kills a man who laughed at this and fails to protect Kato, so he kills those who witnessed him failing. He ran after Hit-Monkey to a model's house and causes a fight involving three gangsters. Bullseye escapes unharmed.


    Part of the Thunderbolts
    Part of the Thunderbolts

    After the Super-Human Registration Act, several villains were captured and offered a chance to redeem themselves by hunting down heroes and villains not in compliance with the Registration. Bullseye became part of a new team of Thunderbolts along with the likes of (the new) Venom, and Norman Osborn. Each member has a safe-fail implanted in them, so if they go out of line, the device can be activated, electrocuting the user. Bullseye serves as the one member of the Thunderbolt's that the public does not know about. Norman informed him he wants to let Bullseye kill, but only with targets Norman sees fit. When the team was unable to capture Jack Flag, Bullseye took him out by shoving a sai into his lower back. This was done in a warehouse, away from the public. Later, Songbird tricks Bullseye into thinking his security features are disabled. Bullseye kills the two guards he is with and attempts to battle American Eagle. American Eagle makes quick work of Bullseye, and his device is set off, electrocuting him. As he is suffering, American Eagle slugs him across the face, apparently cracking his spine yet again.

    Later on, telepaths that were being held captive in the base were using their powers to turn the team members against one another. Bullseye walks away from the operating table, apparently recovered, and uses the telepaths for practice, unaware he is actually saving the team.

    Dark Hawkeye

    Dark Hawkeye
    Dark Hawkeye

    Following the aftermath of Secret Invasion, Bullseye operates under the mantle of Hawkeye in Norman Osborn's new team of Dark Avengers. More because he recently got a taste for bows than anything else. He manages to kill Morgan Le Fay by shooting her body with many arrows although she managed to return again for the second time. Although Bullseye is the brand new Hawkeye, he doesn't love being a "hero". As Hawkeye, he violently killed a bunch of thugs and saved their female victim who was very grateful and even asked for his autograph. But when she mentioned Osborn as his "boss", he got angry and stabbed her with her own pen in the eye, killing her in front of one of the surviving thugs who pleads with Bullseye not kill him, but Bullseye eventually does. Proud of his "work", he says "That's all I ever wanted Norman, credit for my kills". Then he sees a news crew on helicopter filming what he has done, so he proceeds on kills the camera man with an arrow, throws the newsman out of the helicopter and then blows up the copter with an explosive arrow head, killing the pilot.

    While on a mission with the rest of the Dark Avengers fighting a Hulk-Buster robot, Bullseye kills the pilot despite Osborn ordering him to bring in the pilot alive, his reason for doing this is that he hasn't killed anyone in a week. He tells his victim that Hawkeye doesn't kill people in cold blood, but then again he's not Hawkeye. He is seen taking out a group of Bullseye copycats, claiming that there's more to Bullseye than a costume, and kills them all by putting a bullet through each one of the bullseye logo on their heads with a rifle.

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    When Deadpool attempted to blackmail Osborn, he sent Bullseye to kill him. When battling the merc with the mouth, Hawkeye/Bullseye manages to shoot an arrow through the head of Deadpool. Due to his sick nature, he keeps Deadpool's body and waits for him to recover so they may fight again. Deadpool gains the upper hand when he wears an armor of meat, and stabs a meat hook through Bullseye's chest. When Bullseye wakes up, he realizes Deadpool took him to the hospital. The two battle again, but Bullseye is struck by a car. Deadpool exploits this, and runs him over again with his own car. Bullseye offers Deadpool a large sum of money in order for him to leave, so Norman believes Bullseye was successful.

    Bullseye is also ordered to kill Songbird and almost does so, but she is saved by Swordsman. Bullseye also encounters Spider-Man and battles him, but is defeated by his own tracer bullets. As Norman wages war on the new nation of Utopia, Bullseye gets into a brief fight with Daken, stabbing him through the jaw and cheek before being stabbed in his arm. He also dodges an attack from Cyclops and battles Archangel.

    Norman puts Daredevil on his list, and assigns Lester in his Bullseye persona to kill Daredevil. The two battle briefly, and Bullseye lures him to the rooftop of an apartment complex. Bullseye had explosives rigged, and destroyed the building, killing hundreds inside.

    Bullseye is ordered by Osborn to kill Lindy Reynolds, the Sentry's wife. Before he does, Bullseye taunts and mocks Lindy, saying that she doesn't deserve to be with the Sentry and that he can have any woman he wants, this leads to her slapping Bullseye across the face, He then violently chokes her and throws her body out of an helicopter. He is also seen fighting in Asgard, and gets into many arguments with Daken, who even kisses a freaked-out Bullseye in order to calm him down, which really angers him. At the end of Osborn's assault he ,along with his other teammates, is arrested and Clint Barton took his Hawkeye identity back.


    A shackled, muzzled and captured Bullseye is being transported to the proper facilities. He devises a plan to escape. He tells the guards that he is the only one that has ever been able to control the Sentry and that he would tell them how to take him down if they let him go. Just then he goes into cardiac arrest. One guard says not to help him because he's faking. The other wants him taken out of his shackles in helped. When they get him out and on the ground. One guard uses the defibrillator to bring Bullseye back to health and when they do he grabs it and uses it on them taking them both out. Bullseye's first priority is Daredevil, so he heads to Shadowland.

    Daredevil returns the favor
    Daredevil returns the favor

    Once he arrives, he starts killing Hand members, and calls Daredevil out for a fight. Daredevil engages Bullseye in combat and sent the hand after him. When the Hand's efforts to take him out become apparently ineffective, Daredevil joins the fight himself and completely dominates Bullseye breaking both of his arms. When the fight is over, Luke Cage and Iron Fist look on as Daredevil kills Bullseye the same way Bullseye killed Elektra years ago.

    Much later, a group of Hells Bikers would arrange Bullseye's funeral for he helped them against a rival gang who wanted to instigate a turf war (actually he had only flipped a coin to choose a side and not that he liked the gang or anything). Both Ben Urich and Denny Deaver attend, however Deaver begins to have visions of Bullseye but it remains unclear whether it's a ghost or he's imagining it. The funeral is interrupted by the Daredevil and his Hand ninjas and a huge fight ensues, almost killing Urich. Daredevil wins the battle and Bullseye is then buried but the tormented Denny is revealed to have escape from Ravencroft some hours before. Dennis Deaver is surrounded by cops along Lester's spirit who tells him to fire, but things don't go quite well. Soon after a fight with the rest of the New York heroes, including Iron Fist, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, Moon Knight, the Punisher, and Ghost Rider, Matt realizes the Hand need a new champion, someone with skills that rival Matt's own. Matt, along with Typhoid Mary, is then shown digging out Bullseye's corpse, planning to resurrect him to serve the Hand. Soon after, Elektra shows up and is then shown beside Daredevil and Typhoid Mary, following them back to the Hand's base.

    Brain in a Box

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    It was later revealed that Bullseye was never truly dead but injured to the point that he couldn't move or function. Lady Bullseye carried her mentor away and he was placed in an iron lung.

    After months of recovery, Bullseye decided to get his revenge against Matt Murdock. He first started trying to recreate the accident that gave Matt Murdock his powers in the first place while he started assigning super villains such as Klaw and Stilt-Man. During this, he succeed in creating the villain, Ikari, which meant "Fury" in Japanese. Ikari had all of Matt's powers but could see.

    Foggy Nelson eventually figured out that Bullseye was behind everything and when Matt finally tracked him down, he found him a broken man in a box. A final battle between Ikari and Lady Bullseye lead to Bullseye being hit with the same radioactive waste that gave both Matt and Ikari their powers and blinded Bullseye leaving him unable to see or speak.


    Bullseye was taken into custody by SHIELD and hidden in a secret location. The Hand was still able to find him and steal his body. They baptized his body in a Japanese hot spring turned blood-red by iron in the water to heal his paralysis and blindness and whatever else might be ailing him. Elektra was also looking for him and was given the chance to retrieve him when she made a deal with Maria Hill. With Jennifer Kale’s help, Elektra was able to make a connection with the Hand’s enslaved dragon and together they escaped with Bullseye's slowly regenerating body,

    Elektra entering Bullseye's mind
    Elektra entering Bullseye's mind

    Elektra brought Bullseye to the home of Cape Crow and his son, Kento Roe. Kento has psychic abilities, and she needed Kento to insert herself into Bullseye’s mind so that she can find the leader of the Assassins Guild and stop their new super soldier hitman program. Bullseye sends her to Jakarta.

    While Elektra and Kento went to Jakarta, Bullseye continued to silently heal until he was able to move and see again. Once he was able, he met up with Elektra to confront her with a squad of Hand ninjas by his side. His backup outnumbered Elektra and nearly put her down, giving Bullseye the opportunity to take the leader of the Assassin Guild out himself so he could take over. Elektra got her second wind though and used the disembodied head of Hand ninja, Shibou, to give Bullseye the kiss of death. Luckily, so soon after being rejuvenated, Bullseye only grew old instead of dying. Shibou’s brother, Inochi, believed he could rejuvenate Bullseye again. Bullseye was able to cut the guild leader’s throat with a thrown playing card. Elektra decided to save the leader’s life instead of chasing Bullseye, giving him the opportunity to escape.

    The Columbian Connection

    Black Knife shows up for Bullseye
    Black Knife shows up for Bullseye

    A restless Bullseye was looking to get back into the game so took a job saving an up and coming gangster’s kid, Fabian, from a Columbian drug cartel, The Black Knife. Bullseye was implored to keep a low-profile or risk Fabian’s life. That isn’t really Bullseye’s style. Bullseye had to slay a whole group of gang members in the street and torture a local corrupt sheriff before anyone would come looking for him at his motel. He was ridiculously outnumbered and eventually taken to the home of Teodor Zarco, leader of the Black Knife Cartel.

    It was all an act. Bullseye wanted to be taken into the house, so he could escape with Fabian. Zarco caught on and had Fabian moved, which means Bullseye had to quickly get on the road as well, chasing down Zarco’s goons in SUVs. When he finally caught up with the car holding Fabian, Fabian shot him, revealing that Fabian wasn’t Zarco’s prisoner but his new partner.

    They had Bullseye taped to a chair so they could torture him when a vengeful FBI agent, Joy Jones (and Shotgun and Bullet she hired for help) raided Zarco’s home. They fought the cartel over their chance to take out Bullseye personally but were ultimately interrupted by SHIELD agents. In all the chaos, Bullseye made his escape again, killing Zarco and taking Fabian back to America on a stolen SHIELD helicarrier. Once he was paid, to get back at Fabian for shooting him, Bullseye killed Fabian’s dad and his men to start a gang war on their turf that Fabian couldn’t survive.

    Old Man Logan

    Old Man Logan vs Bullseye
    Old Man Logan vs Bullseye

    Bullseye was hired by Kingpin to get back a thumb drive someone stole in order to blackmail him. Unfortunately, the lackey who stole it got it in the hands of Wolverine (when the Old Man Logan version was in the present). He tracked Logan to a restaurant where he was meeting with Kingpin’s biographer, who was going to use what she knew about Fisk to help Logan. Bullseye got the drop on them though and took off with the drive, but Logan was able to run him down. He beat Bullseye unconscious and dragged his limp body to Fisk’s office to get answers, only to find out the drive was full of pictures of Fisk’s wife.

    Bullseye wasn’t willing to take this lying down though, especially after how he was portrayed in Fisk’s book. A few weeks later, he would return to the biographer’s apartment and kill her. When it hit the news, Logan ended up back on Bullseye’s trail, this time teamed up with Agent Joy Jones, who still has a vendetta against Bullseye for killing her husband.

    Bullseye still didn’t know who that woman was, so he tracked down Bullet and Shotgun, Jones' previous recruits, to beat some answers out of them. Logan and Jones were able to intervene before Bullseye killed either of them, but Bullseye had already kidnapped Bullet’s kid for leverage. He tried to negotiate for his release, but Logan’s ally, Glob, found the kid already dead. So, Jones riddled Bullseye with bullets and had him arrested.

    Hell’s Kitchen

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    Bullseye was hired as part of a team of mercenaries by Quinn Stromwyn, who believes Hell’s Kitchen needs to be purged of cops and vigilantes if he is ever going to be the next Kingpin. They went into the street to cause chaos, but the neighborhood people fought back, until Daredevil finally came to the rescue. Daredevil was able to predict Bullseye's actions and block every shot he took with a handgun, rattling Bullseye. He ran away from the fight but was eventually picked up by Fisk’s men.

    In custody, Fisk decided to take advantage of Bullseye. He had him moved to Ravencroft and subjected to medical experimentation so he could be controlled. The original Bullseye was lobotomized to make him more unpredictable, while Fisk's scientists decided to try to clone him. Bullseye eventually freed himself and his clones, killing the entire medical staff. Thanks to the experimentation, Bullseye was much more unstable than normal. He was having visions of an angel that said if he was truly the greatest assassin of all time than he should just kill everyone. Bullseye agreed, beginning a sharpshooter killing spree that gripped Manhattan, with the help of his new clones.

    Elektra, filling in as Daredevil, used herself as bait to lure Bullseye out. Bullseye also set up a trap for her, but when she challenged him on being the greatest marksman among doubles, he commanded his slave-like clones to kill each other. While making his escape, Bullseye was stopped by the real Daredevil, who had just gotten out of jail.

    Powers and Abilities

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    Although Bullseye doesn’t possess any naturally superhuman powers, Bullseye is not only very dangerous with all of his skills, but is in fact more dangerous than many people that actually do possess superhuman powers.

    Weapons Proficiency: As a result of his naturally perfect athletic gift for hand-eye coordination, Bullseye can quickly learn how to wield most forms of weapons even if he has never seen them before. Aside from throwing projectiles, he is also skilled with knives, swords, and other forms of edged weapons. Bullseye has also used conventional firearms, bows and arrows, knives, shuriken, whips, sais, darts, and plastic explosives. Bullseye can also use any item imaginable to kill and has been seen using normal everyday objects as either thrown projectiles such as: pen, pencils, vases, hairbrushes, golf balls, paper clips, tooth picks, peanuts, playing cards, he once used a yoyo to kill a bird, Bullseye can throw arrows without using a bow, has used a single tooth knocked loose from his mouth, paper airplanes, a flashlight, an angry poodle, a bullet, Bullseye once throw a gun right though someone’s chest, and has even once used his own snot to kill a rat and has also shown being able to kill cockroaches by spitting orange seeds at it. For close combat, Bullseye has been seen using a spoon to stab someone’s neck, he’s cut a person’s throat with a straw, a coffee cup, a pen and a clipboard and has shown being able to use other abnormal methods such as driving vehicles into a target, jamming a gun with a shard of glass, causing it to backfire and has even manipulated and used people to kill on his behalf for him. Once while being imprisoned, Bullseye even explained that he's kept on a stool softeners and a liquid diet in order to prevent him from weaponizing his own feces which Bullseye has said he would do if he could.

    Expert Marksman: Bullseye possess an innate ability to throw any projectile with great and unerring accuracy from either of his hands with a deadliness that borders on the uncanny. Bullseye has trained rigorously for many years with almost every type of throwing weapon that is imaginable, allowing Bullseye to develop an uncanny ability to use virtually any object as a lethal projectile. Bullseye can throw an object with the size and mass of a baseball at over 105 miles per hour (168.981 kilometres per hour) and is also very skilled at ricocheting thrown objects towards targets as well. Because of that, Bullseye can and has accomplish many incredible feats with thrown projectiles some of which are considered impossible outside of fiction. Because of Bullseye’s uncanny ability to use virtually any common object as a lethal projectile or weapon. Bullseye is not only very dangerous, but is in fact far more dangerous than many characters that actually possess superhuman powers. Although Bullseye is technically not a superhuman, Bullseye can accomplish many great feats with thrown projectiles. Bullseye has demonstrated being able to lacerate a person's throat with a thrown playing card, he spit his own tooth through a human skull, he knock out the Punisher with a paper plane thrown from a rooftop, he’s landed a billion-to-one shot before with a hub cap against Deadpool, and has even killed a person with a toothpick thrown through a window from over a hundred yards (300 feet) away building to building. Bullseye’s ability to turn nearly anything into a lethal projectile has allowed him to use other objects as well such as: pens, can use arrows without using a bow, a tooth knocked loose from his mouth, a paper airplane, a poodle, pencils, vases, hairbrushes, golf balls, paper clips, peanuts, a shovel, a bullet, a flashlight, and even once used his own snot to kill a rat and has also demonstrated being able to kill cockroaches by spitting orange seeds at them. With firearm; Bullseye is also a very dangerous sharpshooter as well as being very skilled in the use of archery as well. With this skill, Bullseye can be a very dangerous opponent to almost any enemy including powerful superhumans as he once showed that he could kill a mutant with superhuman durability rock-like skin by throwing a poisoned dart into its ear. However, Daredevil is a comparatively frustrating target because the superhero's enhanced senses provide enough information to allow him to counter the attacks most of the time.

    Hypercognitive: Bullseye’s brain can instinctively or with little effort perform certain complex operations beyond the capability of a normal human mind. This allows him to aim and throw with the perfect accuracy he’s known for while having little to do with deliberate cognitive thought.

    Olympic Physical Conditioning: Bullseye is an Olympic-Level Athlete and weightlifter. Bullseye is in overall exceptional physical condition, with the agility, dexterity, balance, bodily coordination, reflexes, reaction time, endurance, stamina, bodily tissue durability, and speed all of which is equal to that of a professional or Olympic level athlete. As a result of Bullseye’s naturally perfect athletic gift for hand-eye coordination is that his reflexes and reaction time are actually honed to a level so well beyond that of any normal human that it could be considered almost superhuman. Bullseye has dodged gunfire on several occasions, has blocked a bullet and has even broken out of handcuffs by moving the chain of the handcuffs in the bullet‘s flight path. Bullseye’s balance and bodily coordination is great enough to once even allow Bullseye to fight Daredevil on telephone wires. Bullseye’s metabolism is also conditioned to a higher human level which allows his body to heal at a more than a faster rate than normal human rate allowing him to survive injuries that would be fatal to most normal humans with his stamina and endurance having also been said to be at peak human condition.

    Skilled Acrobat: Bullseye is a skilled acrobat capable of performing many difficult feats and is even capable of matching the feats of some of the finest human acrobats and due to the Adamantium implants fused to parts of his skeleton including his spine. Bullseye is also able to utilize a range of motion in his acrobatic manoeuvres which could be considered impossible for normal humans (as his bones are protected from skeleton fracture). Bullseye has even shown being able to shot a gun with perfect accuracy while being in a mid-air backflip.

    Skilled Pilot: Bullseye has shown to be capable of driving and piloting planes and other types of air based vehicles to the point where even being tracked by a heat seeking based missile, Bullseye was able to make it fly back to its source by having it follow him.

    Escapologist: Bullseye has shown that he is a skilled escape artist capable of breaking out of high security facilities and prisons often using methods of intimidation to aid him.

    Interrogation Expert: Bullseye is well versed in various forms of interrogation methods including torture and intimidation. Bullseye once tortured and interrogated someone by flicking toothpicks into their body.

    Stealth Skills: Bullseye has shown when he wants to that he can be very skilled in the areas of stealth and is capable of breaching high facilities without being detected and even snuck on to Genosha to kill a mutant with invulnerable rock-like skin by throwing a poisoned dart into its ear in board day light just to show he could.

    Master Martial Artist: Aside from Bullseye’s ability to throw projectiles with lethal and unerring accuracy, Bullseye is also a master of a wide verity of different forms of martial arts disciplines in both armed and unarmed combat with Bullseye’s knowledge of every pressure point and vulnerable spot on or in the human body and is also extremely talented in the use of edged weapons and conventional firearms. Bullseye is over all one of the top all-around fighters in the Marvel Universe on the planet, Earth as Bullseye has easily beaten Gambit, has shown of being able to kill multiple Hand ninjas with almost ease, and has fought and even toyed with Elektra, who is arguably the most skilled ninja on the planet, on at least two separate occasions and in fights, Bullseye has consistently held his own and has even won multiple times against Daredevil and even Daredevil has stated that Bullseye’s skill set could even rival his own. Often, the Bullseye’s outspoken attitude during physical combat about using his abilities seems to have become one of his favourite weapons which is intimidation. As such, Bullseye believes that his attention in the media grants him more effectiveness in combat with a near flawless reputation, rather than an assassin who often uses fear of the unknown.

    Expert Assassin: Bullseye possess knowledge of every pressure point and vulnerable spot on or in the human body and is capable of turning virtually any object into a deadly weapon capable of incapacitating or killing any enemy. Bullseye is a deadly assassin often hired by the likes of the Kingpin for covert assassinations making him one of the world's greatest assassin. Bullseye has a compulsive need to study his targets' histories, abilities, and relationships before engaging them. Bullseye employs this information in attempts to anticipate many of his opponents' movements and reactions in combat. This compulsion often crosses from the professional line of work into personal, such as Bullseye's obsession with Elektra or Daredevil.

    Body System Control: Bullseye does have some degree of control over his bodily function as he was once able to break out of S.H.I.E.L.D. hold by giving himself cardiac arrest by making his heart stop beating and making himself flat line forcing the guards to take him out of his straps and chains whom Bullseye killed as they tried to perform CPR. When questioned by one of the guards about it Bullseye stated “the heart is a muscle which can still be controlled”.

    Millionaire: According to Bullseye himself; he has amassed a fortune from the large number of hits he has done in the past, and yet has spent very little of his money once saying that it wouldn’t surprise him if he had more money than Norman Osborn and once even paid off Deadpool in order to save his own life while pretending that it was Norman Osborn’s money he was giving.

    Weapons and Equipment

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    Following the operation performed by Dark Wind, Bullseye has had strips of Adamantium implants fused to parts of his skeleton and to several of his bones including his spinal column being almost entirely composed of and covered with the substance. This is the hardest metal known to science. While it can be cut with a special subatomic particle beam; otherwise, to all intents and purposes, it is virtually indestructible. Hence all of Bullseye’s adamantium-laced bones are virtually almost indestructible which effectively increases Bullseye’s resistance to physical injury in unarmed combat while the presence of the adamantium dose not interfere with his bones’ normal function. It’s unclear exactly which bones have been completely covered, but it has been confirmed that Bullseye’s fists, skull and spinal column have Adamantium implants completely over them. The Adamantium implants also weighs out Bullseye’s physical blows, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of his physical blows such as his punches. This Adamantium reinforcement not only doesn’t interfere with his bone's normal functions, but even allows Bullseye to consistently utilize a range of motion in his acrobatic maneuvers which are impossible for normal humans (as his bones are protected from skeleton fracture). Bullseye has stated that a vibranium scalpel would be needed to cut through his skull.

    Bullseye also wears body armor that is made out of kevlar.

    Any object in Bullseye's hands is a potential weapon that can be used with deadly force, but has used peanuts, paperclips, playing cards, Daredevil's billy club, plastic explosives, pens, pencils, and more. However, Bullseye will often use guns, throwing stars, throwing darts, knives, whips as well as a any number of throwing weapons including shurikens. Before Elektra's resurrection, Bullseye would often carry one of her sais and use it simply to spite Daredevil. Bullseye has a list of common objects he has turned into weapons too numerous to list. Bullseye has also carried plastic explosive charges in the compartments of his own gloves.

    Character Profile

    No Caption Provided
    • Height: 5'10"
    • Weight: 175 lbs
    • Eye Color: Blue
    • Hair Color: Blond
    • Citizenship: American
    • Place of Birth: Queens, New York City, New York
    • Marital Status: Single
    • Occupation: Assassin; formerly adventurer, government agent/prisoner, soldier, mercenary, extortionist, thief, baseball pitcher
    • Known Relatives: Kingmaker (father, deceased), Nathan (brother, deceased), The Wilkersons (foster parents)
    • Distinguishing Features: Bullseye had a target tattooed on his forehead that Daredevil later carved over with a jagged rock.

    Alternate Versions

    Earth-295: Age of Apocalypse


    In the Age of Apocalypse, Bullseye is imprisoned in Mikhail´s mothership when the Human High Council invade it and power off its energy supply, so he leads the escaping riots and takes the ship´s guarding tower, leading humans to victory. His posterior location remains unknown.

    He is also recognized as one of the greatest human soldiers because of his precision aiming.

    His past before he was a prisoner is unrevealed.


    In Marvel 1602 universe he's known as The Bull's Eye, he works for King's Pin a pirate that sails the Atlantic Ocean. Their ship came across the Virgin Mary where Peter Parquagh was on board, he was the young man who sank King's Pin's ship. The Bull's Eye however survived the shipwreck and followed Peter to the mainland.


    In the Ultimate universe Bullseye goes by the name Benjamin Pondexter. He battled Elektra to work for the Kingpin.

    Ultimate Bullseye
    Ultimate Bullseye


    In the Marvel Zombies reality Bullseye has, as most of Earth's heroes been turned into a zombie.


    In the House of M, Bullseye is employed by the Kingpin. He is defeated by Hawkeye.


    In the Marvel Noir Universe, she's known as The "Bulls-Eye Killer" and is a combination of Bullseye and Elektra, Her name is Eliza and she bares a resemblance of the Earth-616 Elektra and even is in love with Matt Murdock, but she works for the Kingpin as her number 1 assassin and is drowned by Daredevil.


    MAX Bullseye
    MAX Bullseye

    Shelton Pendergrass was a military lawyer who never used guns and left the army to become a lunatic hitman. He never fails to kill his targets like dictators and businessmen. Once he had to deal with kids in Italy who witnessed a gangland slaying on an outing, he gassed the whole school and the community was devastated. Before killing his targets he studies them well and he's not so glad about his job. He's employed by Kingpin to kill the Punisher and notices that Fisk's wife is trying to kill her husband so he told her to run away and forget everything. He takes a family hostage after murdering its patriarch, and is shown cheerfully conversing with them at the breakfast table while they are bound, gagged, and crying. After taking the family out for a day at a local park, he has them brutally gunned down by several men. He then reveals that the entire kidnapping was an attempt at getting inside Frank Castle's mind, and tells the gunmen that he'll have to try again with another family and kill Frank's weapon supplier because he failed to understand Frank's motivation. He starts to get madder when he still doesn't comprehend why and ends up facing Castle at Fisk's tower. Bullseye ends up in a coma after fighting the Punisher. Once the Punisher breaks out of prison he kills Bullseye.


    No Caption Provided

    On Earth-807128, Bullseye is a US marshal with Deathlok implants. When he comes across a number of dead Madrox dupes, he ends up on the trail of Hawkeye. He was so obsessed with tracking Hawkeye that he ignored his other duties, so his boss, Red Skull, put a bounty out on him. He had to deal with a number of different assassins including Kraven’s grandchildren and a cybernetically controlled Winter Soldier.

    He finally caught up with Hawkeye at the Sanctuary of the Silent Sisterhood, where Clint was confronting Songbird. He engaged Clint in combat only for his Deathlok tech to recognize the degradation of his sight. He was disappointed that he gave up everything to hunt down the last superhero, who wasn’t at 100%. Songbird was able to knock him out of the fight long enough for the Hawkeyes to escape, but Bullseye got the last laugh when he stabbed her in the back with a sai.

    Bullseye caught up with the Hawkeyes again at the Weapon X facility run by Zemo. He takes Kate hostage, but she is able to put a beeping homing arrow in him. With the now completely blind Clint’s attention, he easily kills Bullseye.

    Other Media



    Colin Farrell as Bullseye
    Colin Farrell as Bullseye

    Colin Farrell portrayed Bullseye in the 2003 Daredevil movie. He is hired by the Kingpin to kill Elektra and her father, in order to shift the focus of police investigations from Fisk to the Natchios family. Bullseye later goes on a killing spree. He murders Elektra in a scene mirroring the comics (with identical dialogue) within earshot of Daredevil. After a final confrontation with Daredevil, Bullseye is shot through the hands, and thrown out a Church window, ultimately being left paralyzed. However, it is later shown that Bullseye has retained his abilities, as he kills a fly with a syringe. In the film, Bullseye lacks a costume (though mentions his desire to get one), and instead opts for a large coat, which he integrates into his fighting style. He possesses the same abilities as his comic counterpart; being able to turn anything into a deadly weapon (in the film he kills people with paper clips, and a peanut). In addition, he carries a number of shuriken inside his belt buckle, which can be easily accessed if Bullseye is in need of a weapon.



    Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter
    Wilson Bethel as Benjamin Poindexter

    Bullseye, known by his legal name of Benjamin "Dex" Poindexter, appears as a major antagonist in the third season of the Netflix Daredevil series, where he is portrayed by Wilson Bethel. He is introduced as an extremely skilled but mentally disturbed FBI sniper who is assigned to protect Wilson Fisk after the criminal agrees to become an informant in exchange for his freedom. Fisk eventually looks into Dex's past and learns that as a boy, Dex grew up in an orphanage. Despite being a gifted athlete, Dex had severe mental and emotional issues, including a lack of empathy and a fondness for killing small animals. One day, after being benched by his favorite baseball coach, Dex snapped and killed the man by hurling a baseball at his head. He was subsequently sent to a therapist, who realized the darkness within the boy and attempted to steer him in a more positive direction. The two became extremely close, but after the therapist got sick and died, Dex's dark impulses began to take hold again.

    Dex pretending to be Daredevil
    Dex pretending to be Daredevil

    Following a stint in the military and a brief time working as a suicide hotline counselor, Dex joined the FBI, where he became known as a gifted sharpshooter. He also developed an unhealthy obsession with a kind young woman named Julie, whose positive influence helped calm his damaged mind. Realizing Dex's potential, Fisk manipulates events to worsen his mental state by having him suspended from the FBI and then killing Julie, whose phone is then used to make Dex think she has rejected him. With no one else to turn to, Dex agrees to become Fisk's new enforcer and uses his skills to impersonate and frame Daredevil. He frames Daredevil for killing Jesper Evans and a massacre at the New York Bulletin. Next, he frames Daredevil for killing Father Lampton and a massacre at the church. Bullseye was sent to kill Karen Page because she killed James Wesley in the first season of Daredevil. However, Daredevil thwarts his first attempt to do so and Lamapton sacrifices himself for Karen. After the church massacre, Venesa Fisk has Dex kill FBI Agent Ray Nadeem because he was going to tell the New York Courts that Wilson Fisk violated the terms of his house arrest. Once Dex kills Nadeem, Daredevil calls him and informs him that Kingpin had Julie killed in order to manipulate him into carrying out all of his crimes. Learning this information drives Bullseye insane and he tries to kill Kingpin at his wedding. Daredevil intervenes to stop both Bullseye and Kingpin. Bullseye's spine is broken in the fight and the police arrive and learn that he had impersonated Daredevil the entire time. Dex is seen getting his spine repaired at the end of season three, implying that he gets the adamantium skeleton that his comic book counterpart has.

    No Caption Provided

    Bullseye is also considered to have a small cameo in season 1, episode 6, "Condemned. He appears as a police sniper who shoots at Daredevil and the Russian gangsters in an abandoned building under Kingpin's orders. He is not referred to by name, but a trademark playing card can be briefly seen among his equipment.

    Video Games

    Bullseye in The Punisher (2005)
    Bullseye in The Punisher (2005)
    • Bullseye appears as a boss in the 2003 Daredevil video game.
    • Bullseye appears in the 2005 Punisher video game, voiced by Steve Blum. He is a boss enemy that you have to fight multiple times during the Fisk Industries level. He is thrown out of a window by the Punisher after his defeat, but is shown to have survived in the post-credits scene.
    • Bullseye appears as the 2nd boss of Marvel Ultimate Alliance, voiced by Peter Lurie. He has special dialogue with Daredevil and Elektra. He also appears as the boss in Elektra's bonus mission for the game.
    • Bullseye appears in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, voiced by Brian Bloom. He appears as a non-playable common boss, and one of many villains who succumb to the Control Nanites placed inside them by S.H.I.E.L.D. During the Anti-Registration campaign he is encountered by the heroes at Geffen-Meyer Chemicals, where they assist Colossus in defeating him. Subsequent cutscenes reveal Bullseye along with Venom, Lady Deathstrike and Green Goblin overcoming S.H.I.E.L.D's control when the nanite network develops sentience, and eventually attacking agents, one of which is shown to be a Nick Fury LMD (Life Model Decoy). Later when the heroes infiltrate Prison 42 he joins with Moonstone (both part of the Fold at this point) to divert them while the Fold attempts to induct Firestar into it's ranks.
    • Bullseye appears in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online.
    • Bullseye appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes, voiced by Dave Boat.
    • Bullseye appears as a playable character in Marvel Future Fight.
    • Bullseye appears in Lego Marvel Super Heroes 2.
    • Bullseye appears as a boss enemy in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, voiced again by Steve Blum.


    Marvel Legends
    Marvel Legends
    • Bullseye appeared alongside Elektra in a Marvel Greatest Moments two-pack from ToyBiz.
    • Bullseye appeared in ToyBiz's Marvel Legends series as part of the Galactus Build-a-Figure wave.
    • Daredevil appeared in the HeroClix figure game.
    • Bullseye appeared in The Classic Marvel Figurine Collection from Eaglemoss Publications.
    • Funko produced a Bullseye Pop! bobblehead as part of a two-pack with Daredevil.
    • Bullseye appeared in Hasbro's Marvel Universe line.
    • Bowen Designs produced a Bullseye statue and bust.
    • Sideshow Collectibles produced a Bullseye statue.
    • Bullseye appeared in Hasbro's Marvel Legends line as part of the Man-Thing Build-a-Figure wave.

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