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Special Agent Baldwin P. Vess was hired by Mayor Davis to rid Empire City of Big Boss. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. While sitting in his office at the 647 Precinct, Turbo Tu-Tone fired a bazooka at his floor. Vess was seriously injured in the explosion. Vess was rushed to a nearby hospital where they had to replace his entire torso with cybernetics.

While recovering in the hospital, Big Boss sent Berserko, Turbo, and Ms. Demeanor to finish the job. Luckily Vess' new tors proved to be bulletproof, and he survived the assault and decided to give himself the codename BulletProof. BulletProof then told Mayor Davis to have the men from the ECPD to scour the country for the best law enforcement officers.

Mayor Davis' first recruits were Longarm and Hardtop. The two recruits hand picked the rest of the C.O.P.S.

Aside from just being bulletproof, Vess' new torso allows him to plug into machines and control them. His torso also special compartments that he stores other small gadgets.

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