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    Bulletproof is a member of the Guardians of the Globe. As of right now, he is the only non-relative of Mark Grayson to have taken the Invincible identity.

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    The young hero named Bulletproof is a recent player in the superhero game, having started his career sometime after Invincible joined the ranks of the worlds heroes. It is not known where or when he began his adventures, but his suit was initially designed for Omni-Man years ago and offered to Invincible before Art the Tailor presented it to Bulletproof.

    It is revealed much later on that Zandale had a twin brother, Tyrone who excelled in the sciences as well as school. Zandale however was interested in less academic ventures and chose the life of the artist, while his brother garnered the pride and admiration of their parents. Over time, Tyrone would become a geneticist obsessed with obtaining what he apparently prized most; super powers. However in order to complete his research to grant himself powers he would need someone with near identical genes, and so Tyrone drugged and abducted Zandale.

    Subjecting him to his experiments, Tyrone caused an explosion that resulted in Zandale receiving his current powers and abilities, at the cost of killing Tyrone who lacked the invulnerability he granted his twin. At a loss of what to do, Zandale played a double life rather than betray the facade of a perfect son that his parents thought of Tyrone. He split his time impersonating Tyrone for his oblivious parents, who also thought the child they adored had become a superhero instead of a madman causing his own death, and playing the slacking Zandale, still trying to gain their affection in his own way. They would go on believing his now dead brother was saving the world.

    Soon after Bulletproof delved into the world of heroics he tried out for the New Guardians of the Globe, a team designed to replace the original team that had been murdered months before. Though he preformed well, Bulletproof did not make the final cut. However, when the new team's performance failed to meet expectations in its first few months. Bulletproof was added to the roster to augment their abilities. He proudly accepted the membership and quickly displayed the wit and attitude he would come to be known for.

    Bulletproof instantly became a valuable member of the team, assisting them admirably in a massive alien invasion that caused great damage to the Earth. Several months later, the new Guardians were called in to reinforce Invincible in a battle with the henchmen of crime lord Machine Head. During the battle, the henchman known as Battle Beast seriously injured Bulletproof and his teammate Black Samson. Bulletproof was put out of commission for several weeks while Samson was left comatose. During his recovery, Bulletproof openly voiced his disapproval of Immortal's leadership of the team.

    Upon his recovery, Bulletproof rejoined the team and was present at their victory against Omnipotus, The World Shaper. He also took part in the battle against the evil Mastermind, when he temporarily fell under the villain's mind control until Invincible intervened.

    When a version of the Guardians from fifteen years in the future rescued Invincible from an alternate dimension he had been trapped in by Angstrom Levy, Bulletproof was still a member of the team. However, the act of rescuing Invincible likely changed the time line this version of the team originally existed in, so Bulletproof's future in his current time line remains unwritten.

    Whatever his future may be, Bulletproof continues as a valuable member of the Guardians of the Globe with both his abilities and his sarcastic wit. It was recently revealed that Zandale is a photographer of sexual and explicate artwork, which fellow Guardian member, Outrun finds very "excellent."

    Replacing Invincible

    After Invincible is too sick to do his duties for Invincible Inc., Bulletproof decides to help Atom Eve out by donning the Invincible costume. Stating that he's always liked the costume, Bulletproof flies off to help one of their clients and battles the Order member, the Walking Dread. Despite a tought battle, Bulletproof is able to defeat Walking Dread due to the creature absorbing too much electricity. He returns to Eve where he tries to comfort her due to Mark's condition. However, Zandale crosses the line by wondering if she needs sex to make her feel better. He is quickly kicked out of the house and flies to his girlfriend's house.


    • Height: 6'
    • Weight: 210 lbs
    • Hair: Black
    • Eyes: Brown
    • Group affiliations: The New Guardians of the Globe
    • Base of operations: Guardians of the Globe headquarters, Utah

    Powers and Abilities

    Bulletproof has the superhuman ability to absorb kinetic energy, storing it within his body to be used to fuel his superhuman powers. When Bulletproof has a "full charge" he can fly at high speeds (approx 750 mph) and is nearly impervious to physical harm. His natural energy absorbing powers protect him from injury from objects invested with kinetic energy e.g. bullets, shrapnel, physical blows, e.t.c

    Their are limitations to Bulletproof's powers. His resistance to injury does not extend to forces that do not have a great deal of kinetic energy, so he is vulnerable to strangling and crushing attacks. Bulletproof cannot indefinitely sustain a charge of kinetic energy, and maximum exertion of his powers will quickly drain him of potential energy. To address these limitations, The Tailor has equipped Bulletproof with a suit of body armor that protects him from non-kinetic attacks as well as harnessing surplus energy. The distinctive discs on Bulletproof's suit are fuel cells that store superhuman energy, greatly increasing his stamina. He may be able to use the discs as energy grenades as a last resort weapon.


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