Character » Bulldozer appears in 14 issues.

    Daughter of the original Bulldozer of the Wrecking Crew.

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    This female Bulldozer first appears as part of the Wizard's latest incarnation of the Frightful Four, where she has one-on-one battles against the Thing and She-Hulk.

    Major Story Arcs

    Dancing with the Devil

    For more information see: Wolverines: Dancing With The Devil

    Bulldozer and the Wrecking Crew are in Paradise Nevada, looking for the Adamantium encased body of Wolverine. The Crew is ambushed by the Wolverines and Paradise Group. Piledriver and Bulldozer take down Lady Deathstrike and Skel. Bulldozer then leaves with the Wrecking Crew when Mystique makes a deal with them to just leave her team alone.

    Powers & Abilities

    Much like her father, Marci possesses a specially designed suit which offers protection from physical harm but may also limit peripheral vision as her father's did. While her maximum strength level has not been shown, her strength is most likely similar to that of her father. She was capable of moving the Thing in a fight and survive the destruction of a building which fell on top of her. Thing weighs 1200lbs (according to his own stats) and given her ease at which she moved such weight, it would be reasonable to consider her minimum strength at being able to lift at least 1 to 2 tons though it is most likely far greater.

    Bulldozer vs Thing
    Bulldozer vs Thing


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