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    Bra (Bura, or "Bulla" in the US version) is the daughter of Bulma and Vegeta. She was born in volume 42 of DragonBall.

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    Powers & Abilities

     Being the daughter of both Vegeta and Bulma, Bra is a half-Saiyan and possesses the powers a half-Saiyan is believed to have, she possesses superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman stamina, superhuman agility, superhuman durability and flight. She is the beloved daughter of Vegeta. He treated her as a princess. She even goes with him to the shopping. 
    Bra has never displayed having energy manipulation abilities because of not having any fighting experience and no combat training which leaves her with no fighting skill, she also does not have energy manipulation because she never learned how to manipulate ki for various purposes though she has displayed the ability of flight. Even though this is quite unsure considering her amount of screen time.  
    Most people think that she does have a lot of power but just doesn't feel like using it, because she thinks other things in life are better. For example: shopping. 
    She demonstrated she has Saijan ADN while she was possessed by baby. She joined him with Gohan, Trunks and Goten. They took their hands and gave their powers to Baby Vegeta. So she has powers as the other but they were hide on her.

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