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Big Bill Buckford spent his childhood in and out of criminal and mental institutions, after biting the head off his dog at age 6. As he aged, his powers developed naturally along with them, culminating in a tragic trip to the zoo at age 18 wherein he nearly killed his family after one of them made an offhand comment that the zoo is where Bill should be. When police arrived on the scene he was finally sedated and institutionalized yet again. He was found mentally unfit to stand trial and sentenced to a medium security mental hospital. One day, he told his nurse he was going for a walk and never returned. 
Soon after, he adopted the identity of Bull and joined the Crushers.

Powers and Abilities

Bull is a towering, hairy brute of a man. He has super strength, allowing him to lift several tons (at the zoo incident, he threw an elephant at the police), as well as being highly resistant to conventional injury.
Like his namesake, Bull has a paranoid hatred of the color red, due to a childhood incident. He was hit by a red sports car, and - though uninjured - the car and icecream cone he was eating were smashed.

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