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Bulk and his friend Glow Worm are two mutants that were living underneath a hazardous waste dumping facility in New Jersey and were slowly dying because of radiation exposure. Bulk and Glow Worm were looking for refrigerator coils at the dump site when they were attacked by some bargain basement mutant hunters. The bullets bounced off Bulk's body and Glow Worm repelled their attack with a glo-ball cocktail. The two mutants retreated into their underground dwellings and decided to make a statement involving X-Factor. The two mutants knew they were dying and wanted their deaths to mean something so they challenged X-Factor to a fight outside their headquarters. Bulk and Glow Worm wanted to destroy X-Factor because they claimed to be mutant hunters and use their martyrdom as a reminder to the public that mutants should be feared. Angel had a plan so Cyclops, Beast and Iceman came out and appeared to be helping the two radioactive antagonists. The media dubbed them the X-Terminators and they wanted to take down X-Factor. Bulk and Glow Worm were a bit confused at first and told their new friends that this was their fight. Bulk told Beast that they were radioactive and didn't want to contaminate other mutants. Iceman froze the water underneath the streets which ruptured the pipes, causing more water to spew out at an enormous rate. Iceman froze that water until a frozen block of ice lifted a section of the street and the group of mutants were perched above the civilians below. Suddenly Warren Worthington, Jean Grey, Vera, Cameron Hodge and Rusty Collins came out disguised as X-Factor in their standard uniforms. They appeared to stop the mutant group but actually allowed Cyclops, Beast, Iceman, Bulk and Glow Worm to escape through a manhole. The plan worked and the media was convinced two groups were involved and X-Factor appeared useful and effective in the public's eye. Cyclops, Iceman and Beast wanted to help Bulk and Glow Worm by taking them to a place where they could learn to control their powers and one day be reintroduced into society. Glow Worm tells X-Factor that they were so ugly even the Morlocks didn't want them and being radioactive didn't make the situation any better. Bulk and Glow Worm refused their help and decided to head back home.      


Bulk was created by Louise Jones and Jackson Guice in 1986 and first appeared in X-Factor # 7.

Powers & Abilities

Bulk is a mutant with superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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