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Bulbasaur are often considered to be brave, self dependant but stubborn pokemon.

They are characterized by the bulb on their back. As Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur and later Venusaur, the bulb grows and eventually blossoms into a large flower. Because of this bulb, many argue whether Bulbasaur is an animal or a plant.

Height: 2'04"

Weight: 15.2 lbs.

Number: 1

Abilities: Overgrow

Evolution: Bulbasaur ->(at level 16) Ivysaur ->(at level 32) Venusaur

Notable Bulbasaur

Red's: Nicknamed Bulba

Ash's: Gender is still unknown. He/she was guardian for other Pokemon and had distrust on other humans except the one the one that cared for other Pokemon. He/she allowed to be with ash if won by combat. After being defeated he/she joins with Ash. He/she felt cynical and feels that Ash would abandon him/her in the beginning when they were stranded. It is likely that this Bulbasaur was abandoned and has abandonment issues. He/she refuses to evolve for unknown reasons. He is the peace maker for the all the Pokemon in Professor Oak’s care.

May's: She is clumsy and likes to pick flowers. She is very gentle and shy. She is noticeable for having heart shaped markings.

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