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  1. Bugs' Joke Befuddler

  2. The Fabulous Flying Mattress (Bugs Bunny)

  3. Bugs' Musical Globe-Hopper (puzzle)

  4. Floundering Fisherman (Tweety & Sylvester)

  5. Laughing Target Fun (games and activities)

  6. Pancho's Pesky Pup (Little Pancho Vanilla)

  7. Elmer Fudd's Turn-Tail Tickler (puzzle)

  8. Beaded Bravery (Petunia Pig)

  9. Bugs' Name Game (activity)

  10. Two of a Kind (Henery Hawk & Ollie Owl)

  11. Sylvester's Holiday Puzzler (puzzle)

  12. Casablanca Blitz (Porky Pig)

  13. Porky's Pet Pastimes (puzzle)

  14. Ready-Made Rescue (Elmer Fudd)

  15. Elmer Fudd's Walking Wheel (activity)

  16. Talent Troubles (Suzanne)

  17. Cuckoo Switcheroo (Daffy Duck, Yosemite Sam)

  18. Daffy's Beach Banter (puzzle)

  19. The Beaver Battle (Mary Jane & Sniffles)

  20. Cicero's Sound Effects Flusterator (puzzle)

  21. Desert Dessert (Wile E. Coyote & Road Runner)

  22. Daffy Duck's Daffy Straw Jet (activity)

  23. Tuneful Teaser (puzzle)



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