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    A reporter who needed publicity for her show, so she became a supervillian

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    Bianca Beakley, host of "Canard Copy," a sleaze journalism show, turns to Darkwing Duck to boost ratings. However,  the only things happening crime-wise in St. Canard are jaywalkers and parking zone violators (due to a Supervillain convention in Miami), so she creates a *new* villain, the BugMaster.


    Bianca was created for the Tv Show known as "Darkwing Duck". She only appeared onceon the show. However, she has since appeared in the new Darkwing Duck Series in issue #5.


    Major Arcs

    Crisis on Infinite Darkwings
    She is seen at the begining of #5 hanging from a lamp post. A different reporter says that Darkwing had captured her, though what she was up to prior to her capture as she is stated to be still a former news reporter. It can be assumed since she was a publicity hound (or is that duck?) that she was doing something to attact attention, but how she was doing so is still unclear at this time.
    Mayoral Arc
    An illusion of her conjured by a mysterious sorceress faught darkwing.

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