Buggy the Clown

    Character » Buggy the Clown appears in 191 issues.

    Buggy is a "flashy" pirate captain who dresses himself as a clown. Buggy has consumed a Devil Fruit called Bara Bara no Mi, and this gave him the power to split his body into pieces. But, it also took away his ability to swim. He was an apprentice on Gol D. Roger's ship.

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    Buggy is a captain for a pirate crew named Buggy Pirates. He once was a crew-mate of Red-Haired Shanks but, left them to be a captian and have a ship of his own. Buggy loves to destroy villages using a type of bomb called Buggy balls. Buggy once was a normal human who was a crew mate of the Shanks, the captain that gave Luffy his hat. While on the ship Buggy found a treasure map that lead to a treasure in the ocean. So he stole a piece of devils fruit to sell so he could have enough money to go find the treasure. But, when Shanks found this out he made Buggy eat the fruit. When Buggy ate the fruit it destroyed his plans because the fruit made it so Buggy couldn't swim. But, later he finds out it also gave him the power to split his body up into pieces. When someone would try to cut him into pieces it wouldn't harm him at all because that's part of his power. Buggy then left and along the way found Luffy and Zolo. Buggy tried to kill them both but, in the end Buggy had been defeated. Buggy then wants revenge on Luffy and when he finally tracks down Luffy Cabaji has Luffy held at the same place where Gold Roger was killed. Buggy then tried to kill Luffy again but, knowing Luffy he escaped from near death. Buggy and Luffy would cross each others paths more than once and Buggy always tries to kill Luffy. Buggy still goes around terrorizing villages and will never back down from a fight with Luffy and his crew. He has unknowingly meet and begun traveling with Luffy's brother Ace.

    Character Evolution

    Buggy's appearance has been through a few changes throughout the series. Although his clothing has never been changed, the design of his face-paint has underwent some modifications.

    First Appearance

    In his first appearance, he had two blue lines above both of his eyes and wore red lipstick. There were also crossbones going down the upper portion of his face, starting at the forehead and ending beneath his eyes.

    Second Appearance

    Buggy's look changed during later appearances. He retained his red lips, but instead of crossbones there was a greenish-blue cross in the middle of his forehead. He also had a crescent-like design beneath each of his eyes and a streak on the middle of his chin. The overall design resembled the shape of an anchor.

    Third Appearance

    When his face-paint changed again, the color of his lips became green, with a curvy line going down both sides of his face. Both eyes were encircled with green eyeliner, both sides of his head had two green dots, and there were four big green dots on the rim of his hat. The overall design resembled the shape of a paw-print.

    Fourth Appearance

    Afterwards, Buggy recovered his original look: red nose, red lips, and crossbones going down his face.


    • Gender: Male
    • Height: Unknown
    • Weight: Unknown
    • Eye Color: Black
    • Hair Color: Blue
    • Skin Color: White

    Unusual Physical Characteristics: The big red nose on his face is actually his real nose.

    Powers and Abilities

    • Capable fighter
    • High endurance and resilience
    • Adequate physical strength
    • Extraordinary luck
    • Formidable chemist
    • Power to separate his body parts and still control them. Since Buggy can do that when people cut off his body parts it doesn't matter and it won't effect him.
    • Good swordsman

    Buggy is a capable fighter, able to hold his ground during numerous battles with the Whitebeard Pirates. His Devil Fruit may have given him enhanced endurance and resilience, able to survive Muggy Ball explosions without any serious injuries. He is also adept in chemistry, capable of creating highly-explosive cannon balls. Buggy can lift heavy objects with one arm, proving to be stronger than an average human. In addition, he is extremely lucky, escaping life-threatening situations at the right moment and achieving victory from plain luck. Consumption of the Devil Fruit has given him the ability to split his body into separate pieces while maintaining control of them independent of each other. This makes him immune to slashing, cutting and cleaving attacks.


    • His arrogance and greed usually gets the best of him, preventing him from fighting at his fullest.
    • Buggy like everyone who has consumed a Devil Fruit cannot swim.
    • He cannot use a component part if it is restrained.
    • He may lose body parts if he lacks the direct eye sight to guide them back to him.

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