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    An insect-themed hard-luck hero, the Bug is DC's homage of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man.

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    "Zombies! Next they'll be taking our jobs and there goes the whole neighborhood!"

    Bug, Multiversity #2

    Bug is the name of DC's doppelganger of Marvel Comics' Spider-Man in a parallel universe. The name has been hinted and assigned to different characters with the aforementioned characteristic.


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    The first Bug debuted when Batman and Superman visited the Maximums' universe, Bug's archenemy Halloween (Green Goblin) attempted to throw his girlfriend Kirsten (Gwen Stacy) off the Golden Gate Bridge in an attempt to distract Superman.

    This Bug was revealed to be part of a world created by the Joker and his existance would be undo by Mr Mxyzptlk.

    He shared the color scheme of Spider-man but reversed.


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    A new Bug was revealed to exist as inhabitant of earth-8 , from a dialogue of Red Racer. A character from Major comics, he is defined as "the hero you hate to love", the battlin' Bug fights alongside the other heroes of earth-8, conscious than with a great power comes a great responsability.

    Visually this new Bug have a different color scheme, but still keeps certain similarities with his honoree.

    Also, in the same way there is an analogy in the relationship to the Spider-Man/Spider-woman, there also exists an analogy to Bug/Ladybug, who share the color scheme and insect motif with the Maximums' Bug.


    In Convergence there was a retcon appearance from the Angor (1994) universe Bug. In a conversation with Ambush Bug, he revealed his origin as being bitten by radioactive headlice before being interrupted by the battling Lady Quark and Supergirl-Matrix, who were after Ambush Bug. Before fly away they discovered than his name was Louse-man. And he had a weird fetish with hair.


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