Character » Bug appears in 9 issues.

    Bernard Bonner became the electronic villain the Bug. He along with his partner Byte fought Firestorm on several occasions on the electronic web.

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    Belle Haney Bonner was attempting to juggle a full-time job and a full-time single parent raising her young son and daughter. She was able to transform their garage into a computer workshop. One day while working in the garage the children blythe and Barney were playing and accidentally touched two live wires together.  The accident sent thousands of volts of pure electricity through the two children although their mother tried to stop them. 
    Their father kicked her out of the house and she did not see them for 10 years. She took her maiden name and took a job at Concordance Research while Frank Bonner became an alcoholic to deal with the grief. The children grew up and resented their mother for leaving. 
    The accident had given the children super powers that did not show up until early adulthood.   They created costumed identities and decided to destroy their mother for leaving. The attack was stopped by the nuclear duo of Firestorm and Firehawk.  Byte attacked her brother and left him mentally unbalanced after their escape. This tragedy brought Frank and Belle closer together. 
    Years later Deathstroke would find both siblings and force them to join the Secret Socirty of Supervillians. It is unknown what happened to them because Deathstroke was choking Byte.


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