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    This is the universe that Buffy, Angel and the Scooby Gang live in.

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    This universe includes, the T.V. shows of Buffy (1-7), Angel (1-5), Buffy season Eight comics, Angel: After the Fall, and the two Spike Minis (shadow Puppets, and Asylum). In the Buffyverse universe there are an assortment of creatures that live among humans. Vampires, Ghosts, Zombies and several types of Demons.

     The Slayers
     The Slayers


    In each generation is born a slayer a woman with extraordinary abilities who can fight the forces of darkness. 

    Anytime that a slayer dies the next slayer in the line is called and gains the powers.


    Vampires were once humans who were killed by vampires and then feed some of their blood. Vampires are soulless people who maintain the original person's memories. They are a few Vampires who have a soul, Angel and Spike.


    There are several different types of demons in the Buffyverse.  Most Demons are hybrids like Vampires.  Full-blooded demons tend to be tens of feet tall.

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