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    Buffy Summers is a Vampire Slayer who was activated at the age of fifteen. After burning down the gym of her old high school, she moved to Sunnydale where she became friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and her new Watcher, Rupert Giles. Over the years Buffy fought many villains and became one of the longest-lived Slayers, having returned from death twice. During the war with the First Evil, Buffy enacted a plan to activate all Potential Slayers abolishing the traditional Slayer line.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was created by Joss Whedon in a screenplay that later, in 1992, became a movie of the same name. The story's main character, Buffy Summers, is a young high school student living in Los Angeles who is fated to become a Slayer, a Chosen One who is destined to fight against Vampires and other evil creatures that roam our world. As a Slayer, Buffy Summers has had a very interesting life. From her relationship with her friends and family to her duty as a demon and vampire killer. She was the first and one of the only slayers to balance a social life with her supernatural life.

    The story of Buffy has continued in different media, mainly a successful television series in the mid-to-late nineties and in comic books. Formerly, non-canonical to the story but recently reinstated in the official Buffy the Vampire Slayer story thanks to a new comic series that continues right where the TV shows seventh and last season left off.



    Buffy was just another regular fifteen year-old high school student in the City of Los Angeles, California. She was a cheerleader and quite the popular girl; she was fiesta queen and prom princess at Hemery High. But her seemingly ordinary life was soon interrupted when she started having crazy violent dreams in which she saw women from different places and times fighting demons and monsters. Soon enough, she found out about the cause of these dreams when she met an enigmatic man named Merrick. He told her about her fate as the Chosen One and thus, became her first Watcher. He would begin his job. As her watcher he was given the job to train Buffy to become the Slayer. As such he had would assist her learning how to control her powers and train her in skills that would help in her survival.

    Early Years


    Buffy Anne Summers was born on the 19th of January, 1981. Her parents were named Hank and Joyce Summers. Since she was a little girl she liked playing the hero. Pretending to be Powergirl was one of her favorite games. She had a cousin, Celia, with whom she was really close and they would play together and be happy as children should be.

    At age eight little Buffy was traumatized when she witnessed the death of her beloved cousin. Celia was sick in the hospital which is when she a became victim of a demon known as Der Kinderstod who used to prey on little boys and girls who were suffering from illness. Such was the dreadful nature of the beast. This event scarred Buffy thus developing a phobia against hospitals.

    While growing up, Buffy seemed to be a well-adapted child. She learned to ice skate following the steps of Olympic ice skater Dorothy Hamil. She was a Cheerleader and she was elected both fiesta queen and prom princess at her High school, Hemmery High. Even with all her popularity, deep inside Buffy always felt like an outsider.


    “I get it. It's like winning the lottery... only, it sucks. ” - Buffy on being the chosen one.

    One day she started having strangely vivid and violent dreams. Dreams in which she saw girls fighting horrifying beasts and demons. These girls were strong and powerful and seemed to belong to various periods of history. Buffy felt strangely identified with them, like they were she in another lifetime. This was confirmed when a strange and off-putting fellow came into her life. He introduced himself as Merrick, a Watcher, and explained Buffy that those who she saw in her dreams were actually Slayer of the past, guardians possessing the power to protect the world from evil entities. Incredulous at first, Buffy reluctantly began her training with Merrick. She soon showed great potential but not enough commitment to live up to that potential.

    Merrick did not remain Buffy’s Watcher for a long time. Little after Buffy started accepting her role as the Slayer, Merrick sacrificed himself in order to spare Buffy from death at the hands of a powerful vampire named Lothos. This same vampire, along with his henchmen, trashed Hemmery High school and murdered many students. In the end Buffy faced him and killed him using a hairspray can as a flamethrower. This marked her first big kill and a decisive step towards becoming the legendary Slayer.

    In the days following these events, Buffy suffered the divorce of her parents and the expulsion from school. Buffy's mother, Joyce, did not understand what Buffy was going through, and she thought her daughter to be insane. Worrying about her daughter's misconduct, Joyce Summers was forced to take action and they moved away from the city of Angels to start a new life.

    Welcome to the Hellmouth

    Sunnydale, California is a small suburban town in the coast of California. It is located on a bend in the state's geography, having contact with the ocean in both the westernmost border and the south.

    Buffy arrived at Sunnydale and soon was enlisted in Sunnydale High, where she would meet her soon to be friends, Willow Rosenberg and Alexander " Xander" Harris. She also met a creepy librarian by the name of Rupert Giles and a spoiled, bratty, popular cheerleader named Cordelia Chase.

    Willow meeting Buffy
    Willow meeting Buffy
    "I think you dropped your... stake?"

    She began having strange dreams again. This time, she would not dream of past Slayers, but of a very old-looking deformed vampire. She was then approached by the librarian, Giles, and was offered a book titled “Vampyr”, immediately recognizing this character as another Watcher. Ready to forget her old life, Buffy quickly rejected him and left.

    Vampires start appearing commonly in the small town of Sunnydale and Buffy is forced back into the role of the Slayer after a vampire kills Xander's best friend Jesse. She accepts her new Watcher and her training begins anew.

    Soon after, she forges a solid friendship with Willow, a sweet shy girl, and Xander, a funny colorful character who is evidently attracted to the Buffy, and an antagonistic relationship with Cordelia, a girl not much unlike Buffy's former L.A. self.

    She meets a mysterious young man who calls himself Angel, who knows who she really is and aids her when she's in need.

    She learns that Sunnydale was not always called that, but was originally named “Boca Del Inferno” by the Spanish settlers, the name literally meaning Hell's Mouth. This so called Hellmouth is a site of mystical properties where the line that separates this reality from countless hellish dimensions becomes blurred. It is no coincidence that she arrived, but destiny.

    The being in Buffy's dreams is soon reveled to be The Master, a very ancient vampire who has been around for so long that the curse of the demon blood inside him has deformed him physically to a scarier more bat like figure. He's been waiting in an old buried church to be finally released and take over our world. Thanks to ancient spells, he cannot leave this church until his strength is fully restored and he can break the seals. To strengthen himself he makes his ever-growing band of minions bring him people to steal blood and vital energy from.

    Buffy starts a romantic relationship with Angel, but soon finds out that he is a vampire himself. After a turbulent lapse, it is explained that Angel is a vampire formerly known as Angelus, “the one with the angelic face”. A vampire so vicious that entire books are written about him. But now, Angel has been cursed with a soul and must forever roam the face of the earth suffering and atoning for his previous crimes.

    Buffy & Angel
    Buffy & Angel

    It is also explained that the Master “sired” several strong vampires, among them, one named Darla who is the one responsible for the existence of Angelus.A prophecy states that the chosen one shall be killed at the hands of The Master. Despite Giles' attempts to hide this from his Slayer, Buffy finds out and her initial reaction is to panic. Buffy soon realizes this can't be helped and goes underground to confront the ancient evil vampire himself.This, however, backfires and the Master drinks her blood and effectively “kills her”, fulfilling the prophecy, and finally absorbing enough energyto break free from his age-old prison.

    Xander and Angel both follow Buffy to the Masters lair and find her in time for Xander to resuscitate her through CPR. She awakens and goes after the Master.

    A final showdown between the Slayer and the Master occurs and Buffy takes the victory, ridding the world of this very ancient and powerful vampire

    Spike, Dru and the return of Angelus

    The new big bads
    The new big bads

    Buffy has finally accepted her role as a full time Slayer and is happy to not have to do it alone. Giles, Xander, Willow and Angel are there for her in both her normal high school student life and her life as the Chosen One.

    The Master's former posse is now under the control of a child vampire the Master himself had sired. His name: The Anointed One, once, a very important part in the Master's master plan to take over the world.

    Soon, a vampire couple arrives in town on a mission: Spike, also known as William the Bloody, who had previously killed two Slayers single-handedly; and Drusilla. Former allies of Angelus, they arrive in time for its mystical properties, hoping to cure Drusilla from body-paralyzing illness. They meet the Anointed One and take a proactive role in his campaign.

    Spike leads an attack at the high school grounds, a plan thwarted by the Scooby Gang, Buffy's team of friends and collaborators, and returns to the Anointed One. In an act of rebellion, he sticks the child vampire in a cage and exposes him to direct sunlight, killing him. He then takes over the leadership of the vampire gang and announces for a dramatic change in the way they do things.

    Her love was torn from her
    Her love was torn from her

    He captures Angel and, through a magical ritual, restores Dru to full health. However, the plan goes wrong and the building in which they were collapses on top of them. Spike is forced to continue his plans paralyzed from the waist down.

    Meanwhile, Buffy begins a serious romantic relationship with Angel, and things seem to be going well. However, one night, Buffy loses her virginity to Angel, and he experiences a moment of true happiness, lifting the ancient Kalderash curse the gypsies had cast on him and effectively restoring his Angelus persona and removing his soul.

    He then starts making Buffy's life miserable, as a game. He joins the vampire gang, now under rule by Drusilla. It is revealed that Angelus was in fact the sire of her and she in turn sired Spike. They had worked together for decades until Angel fell victim to the gypsy curse.

    During this time, Buffy meets the other Slayer, Kendra, who began her carrier as one as soon as Buffy died and was resuscitated.

    Angel and Spike begin to conflict for control over the gang and for Drusilla. This forces Spike to ally himself with the Slayer and her gang, to rid himself of Angelus.

    A plan of Angel to open a gate to a hell dimension starts taking place, while Willow, with the help of Jennifer Calendar, a descendant of the gypsies who originally cursed Angelus, began preparations for a second curse of the same nature.

    Buffy is forced to tell her mother, Joyce, about her nature as the Slayer. However, they get into an argument leading to Buffy leaving the house.

    A battle between the vampire gang and the Scooby Gang takes place. Spike, who has now recovered but is still believed by the vampires to be half paralyzed, betrays Angelus, knocks Dru, takes her and skips town. Meanwhile, Willow finishes her spell and Angel's soul is returned. However, the hell dimension that was part of Angelus' plans is already opening and the only thing that can close it is his own blood. Buffy is forced to kill his newly returned lover and the portal closes, damning Angel to hell.

    Buffy, now homeless and freaked over what she saw in the final battle and being forced to kill her love, decides to retire once more and leaves Sunnydale to return to Los Angeles.

    Senior Year

    I'm going out on a limb and saying there is a new Slayer in town
    I'm going out on a limb and saying there is a new Slayer in town

    Buffy, now going by Anne, her middle name, waits tables at a small diner in Los Angeles. No longer working as the Slayer, she leads a miserable life without her friends and family for a couple of months. After rescuing a girl from a group that was using homeless people for sinister purposes and then disposing of them, Buffy realizes that she cannot escape from her life as the Slayer, and thus, decides to return to Sunnydale.

    She finds Xander and Willow and returns to her home, where she is greeted cheerfully by her mother.

    The Powers That Be decide that Angel is too important to keep in the hell dimension to which he was condemned. He is brought back.

    Faith, the new Slayer who got her powers after the death of Kendra, arrives in town. Her attitude, however, clashes with Buffy.

    Buffy and Faith go hunting together and due to an evil scheme by Mayor Wilkins, Faith appears to kill a man. Buffy insists that she turn herself in to the police, Faith refuses and she starts derailing from her path of good.

    Willow had started a relationship with a guitarist named Oz, his band was called Dingoes Ate My Baby and they played regularly at The Bronze, the Scooby Gang's favorite night spot. She had also been getting into witchcraft due to her past experiences. Oz was revealed to be a werewolf. A condition that shamed him and had that he hid for a long time.

    Xander was in another relationship with none other than Cordelia Chase, who he once considered an enemy. Anya, a powerful demon of vengeance arrives in town and complicates matters, until she is depowered and forced to live life as a human.

    An old enemy of Giles' called Ethan Rayne arrives in town, a practitioner of the dark arts, particularly the worship of chaos magic. He raises havoc among the group and the w

    hole town until he is stopped. This, however, brings certain consequences as Giles' past as The Ripper and other events of the same nature arise.

    Mayor of Sunnydale since it's foundation, utilizes Faith who thought of him as some kind of father-figure in his plot to ascend to true demonship. Faith has a last fight against Buffy. She loses and enters a coma. The Watchers Council, unhappy with Rupert Giles' methods and his inability to control the Slayer, decide to let him go and a new Watcher, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce is brought in. Wesley is even more uptight than Giles and is quick to show his disapproval of the Slayer, who does not seem to care and is in fact mad at the Council for the dismissal of her former Watcher.

    Briefly, Buffy gained the ability to hear people's thoughts, thanks to contamination by a certain demon's blood. This aided her in stopping a shooting at the school by a young student named Jonathan. However, this new ability was harmful to Buffy and they were forced to remove it.

    Meanwhile, Cordelia breaks up with Xander and grows apart from the group.

    Oz leaves town as his position as a werewolf put Willow in danger and he wishes to control it, a task he believed to be possible. While Angel leaves to avoid another romantic relationship with Buffy and prevent Angelus' return.

    Buffy forces the Council to reinstate Giles' position as a Watcher.

    On graduation night, the Mayor completes his plan and becomes a gigantic snake-like demon. The Scooby Gang, however have a plan to stop him. They detonate several charges hidden inside the school library and finally defeat him, at the expense of the whole building.

    College Years, Simple Fears and a new love

    Buffy and Willow are now in college, UC Sunnydale, while Xander takes different jobs. Giles has bought a magic shop called The Magic Box and Cordelia has also left town. Buffy takes a psychology class lectured by Dr. Maggie Walsh, a middle-aged woman who seems to take an interest in Buffy and has an assistant named Riley Finn.

    Willow finds out about a certain Wicca group formed by school students. She joins and is disappointed with what she sees in it. She does not find witches, but rather fanatical girls, except for one: Tara. She and Willow hit it off and start a friendly relationship.

    Tara in Willow's Dream
    Tara in Willow's Dream

    Spike comes back to town once again, plotting to get revenge on the Slayer and her friends. He is, however assaulted by a group of armed commandos who take him to a militaristic laboratory underground. He manages to escape, but finds himself unable to harm any living creature thanks to a chip implanted in his brain that causes him extreme pain when doing so.

    Faith awakes from her coma and with the aid of a mystical device exchanges bodies with Buffy. Buffy, in Faith's body, is captured by the Watcher's Council in an attempt to take Faith to England to reform. She manages to escape and convinces the Scooby Gang that she is in fact Buffy. They manage to return her to her original Body and Faith escapes to Los Angeles.

    Buffy merged with her friends' abilities.
    Buffy merged with her friends' abilities.

    Buffy starts a romantic relationship with Riley, and finds out that he works for a secret military group called The Initiative, led by Dr. Walsh. This group is charged with the task of the study and containment of paranormal creatures such as demons and vampires. Briefly, Buffy joins them.

    However, Dr. Walsh does not only accomplish her given task, but is using the Initiative's resources for the creation of a race of demon-cyborg hybrids.

    The First completed specimen of this new race is called Adam. Adam escapes the Initiative's headquarters and rebels against his creator, killing her.Spike, unable to hurt anything besides other demons, is forced to join the Scooby Gang to satisfy his need for violence. The Scooby Gang in exchange, provide him with a certain degree of protection, though never really allowing him to formally be a part of them, since he's not trustworthy.

    Willow's and Tara's friendship evolves to a more romantic one. Fact that affects, a now supposedly in control, Oz deeply. The recently returned ally loses his ability to control the beast because of this and attacks Tara. After the incident, he realizes that he no longer is in control and that he cannot be allowed near the love of his life. He then bids farewell to Willow and the Scooby Gang and departs once again. During this time, Xander starts dating Anya, formerly Anyanka.

    A final showdown between Adam and the Scooby Gang takes place inside the Initiative's headquarters, and thanks to a spell cast, Buffy temporarily gains the essence, strengths and abilities of her friends, she finally is able to defeat Adam. The US government decides to dissolve the Initiative.

    A Key to Sisterhood

    Buffy's life was now back to a more stable, normal and happy state. Except for the fact that she now had a sister, who seemingly was a few years younger than Buffy and had apparently always existed.

    Fabulous but evil, it's Glory!
    Fabulous but evil, it's Glory!

    Dawn, as she was called, had not been born a human at all, but in fact was a mystical device known as “the Key” that a group of monks hid in human form with the Slayer from an evil goddess named Glorificus; then, they had implanted memories on everyone of Buffy's acquaintances. This was revealed to Buffy while in a trance.

    Riley's relationship with Buffy quickly fell apart due to her inability to connect on a deeper emotional level. Her life as the Slayer had taken a toll on her and she couldn't separate herself from it anymore. He left and joined another military force, situated abroad.

    Dawn was a problematic child. She had a need of attention, since her sister's situation as the Slayer made her feel left out. She began stealing things from Giles' magic shop and develops a secretive personality. Her situation was worsened when she found out her true nature as the key and suffered a nervous breakdown.

    Meanwhile, Glory through means of violence was trying to find and reach the Key. This would allow her to create a portal between this world and her own: A hellish dimension that she had been exiled from. This, however, would bring severe consequences to the world, as a tear between realities would take place, destroying everything in ours in the process.

    Spike, now an annoyance to the team, had fallen in love with the Slayer, and had stayed to help them, even though he wasn't really needed. He befriended Dawn, as she was very drawn to him. Xander's relationship with Anya grew quickly and so did Willow's with Tara. Willow was already becoming a very powerful witch.

    Giles took Buffy on a vision trip to the desert where she met the very first Slayer, who only told her “death is your gift.” Buffy learned that the Slayer was product of a group of sorcerers, who then became the Watcher's Council, that, through means of magic gave a young girl her special abilities, with the purpose of fighting demons.


    Buffy's mother, Joyce, had been suffering from illness from quite sometime. She died of a brain tumor around this time, leaving Buffy and her younger sister to fend for themselves.

    Glory finally got her hands on Dawn and she took her away. Buffy and the Scooby Gang took a more offensive approach and in a dramatic battle. Buffy finally took down Glory, though it was too late. Glory had used Dawn's blood to open the dimensional portal and the only thing that could close it was the same blood that opened it.

    Buffy reached Dawn, and finally understood the meaning of the first Slayer's words. Dawn was not only the Key, but was also her sister, meaning they shared relatively the same blood. Buffy sacrifices herself in order to save her sister's life and the gate is closed, saving the world once again.

    “She saved the world. A lot.

    ” - Buffy's epitaph

    Buffy Revives...Again

    The Scooby Gang, worried that Buffy's unusual death might have condemned her to spend an eternity in the hell dimension that she sacrificed herself to close, decide to revive her using magic. Willow and Xander succeed, and Buffy climbs out of her grave, horribly confused and altered. She goes to the site of her death, where her friends find her. Buffy is now burdened with the responsibilities oif raising her sister, Dawn, and also with the knowledge that though her friends meant well, she was not rescued from hell, but from heaven. This is something that she can only tell Spike. They get romantically involved.

    Spike and Buffy = Spuffy
    Spike and Buffy = Spuffy

    Dawn's problems with her kleptomania continue to grow. And Willow develops an addiction to her magic, fact that concerns Tara. Three former Sunnydale high students, Warren Mears, Jonathan Levinson, and Andrew Wells form a small group they call the Trio. They use their geeky talents along with the black arts to commit a series of crimes in the city. Their plans, however, are constantly foiled by Buffy and the Scooby Gang. Previous agents of the Initiative come to Sunnydale to remove everything left inside the secret laboratories. They offer Buffy to remove Spike's chip. She accepts.

    Due to a demon who curses the whole town, many secrets of the Scooby Gang are revealed: Buffy's stay in heaven, Spike's feelings for her, Xander's and Anya's concerns about their upcoming wedding and Giles' and Tara's feelings of inadequacy and uselessness in the team. This leads to Giles' departure back to England and a sudden turn in Buffy's and Spike's relationship. Spike, knowing that he can never come to terms with his life as a vampire and that the Slayer cannot truly love him as he is, decides to leave in search for a soul of his own.

    Willow's Fury is Born
    Willow's Fury is Born

    Warren, sick of the Scooby Gang attempts to murder Buffy at her home with a gun. He successfully shoots her but fails to do irreparable damage. However, a second accidental shot goes through the window hitting Tara directly. They manage to save and heal Buffy without much trouble; however Willow's magic is unable to save her lover's life. This pushes her over the edge and she gives in to the pull of the black arts.

    Willow absorbs all the knowledge in The Magic Box's books, immensely increasing her already impressive power. She goes mad with it and takes revenge upon Warren, skinning him alive. Andrew and Jonathan, however, flee town. Willow becomes a threat to the world, as her power keeps growing with her madness. But Xander, her longtime friend, finally gets to her and she reverts back to her old self. Willow departs to seek help with the Watcher's Council and deal with her addiction to magic.

    Chosen ONE?

    A new generation...
    A new generation...

    Potential Slayers from all over the world start getting killed. This news worries the remaining Scooby Gang members who keep struggling with their normal lives. Buffy, even more unable to tap into her emotional side, grows apart from her loved ones.

    Willow and Giles return, ready to help Buffy, as always. So does Andrew Wells, who has repented for his previous crimes. The fight is also joined by Principal Wood, the principal of the rebuilt Sunnydale High and son of one of the Slayers Spike had murdered.

    The potential Slayers are all found thanks to a spell cast by Willow and they are all brought in for protection. Under the leadership of Buffy, the army of potentials trains and prepares for the battle to come. Every other human and lower demon flees Sunnydale, leaving it a deserted town.

    It turns out that the evil that's causing all this is none other than The First Evil. A being Buffy had encountered once before who, tough incorporeal, holds great power.

    The ancient form of the vampire, more demon than human, is brought back by the First and it proves to be many times tougher than the regular kind of vampire.

    The potentials all grow apart from Buffy. They dislike her leadership and rebel against her, taking a recently returned Faith as their new guidance. Every potential and member of the Scooby Gang feels that Buffy is losing it, even her sister. Only Spike, now with a soul, remains true to her. In one of the many missions they are all sent in, Xander loses an eye to a minion of the First.

    Angel offers his aid to Buffy, but is refused; he leaves her with a particular amulet that will help in the battle to come. Buffy, in turn, gives the amulet to spike.

    Faith's methods, much more reckless than Buffy's, prove ineffective and she leads them into a trap laid by the First and his minions. They are rescued by Buffy and she regains their trust.

    They devise a plan. Willow, a witch much more powerful than the Shadow Men (the sorcerers responsible for the original Slayer) must now use similar magics that will grant the power of the Chosen One to every potential Slayer.

    An army of Slayers, then, storm the place where the First builds his army of elder vampires. Many casualties occur in the battle, until Spike, with the amulet Angel brought, sacrifices himself to exterminate every remaining elder vampire and finally closing the Hellmouth.

    The few surviving Slayers, along with Buffy and the Scoobies barely escape the place where Sunnydale once stood, now just a giant crater.

    After Sunnydale

    The Scooby Gang moves to Italy, where Giles attempts to recreate the Council to fit the reality of more than one Slayer, thousands, in fact. Now Buffy must continue her journey as the leader of an elite Slayer task force. The core Scoobies create a global Slayer organization. Xander becomes the headquarters supervisor and weapons expert (similar to Nick Fury of SHIELD). Willow learns more about her powers and trains several slayers who have innate magical powers. Dawn goes to college in California. Giles helps to recruit new slayers and goes on missions. Buffy leads the team and trains the slayers.

    Buffy Summers is a Vampireslayer and was activated at the age of fifteen. She was living in Los Angeles but after she burned down the gym of her old High School, she moved to Sunnydale. She became friends with Willow Rosenberg, Xander Harris and also met her new watcher Rupert Giles. Over the years Buffy fought many villains and died twice but came back from the dead, just to break the traditional slayerline by activate every potential slayer.This sent Angel and Faith off on a path to finish off Giles' unfinished business off in London, and with Buffy reverting to her normal power level, moved to San Francisco.

    Buffy now stationed in San Francisco began doing what she does best, hunting and slaying vampires by night while trying to have a semblance of a normal life by day. After some time in San Francisco, the Old One, Illyria teleported Buffy from San Francisco to Los Angeles to a mystical council that Illyria had been apart of since Los Angeles had been returned from hell. Illyria demanded that Buffy help her battle Severin, or "The Siphon" who had the ability to drain others power. Buffy was forced to accept. After doing battle with Severin, Severin began to drain power from Illyria, however the team was able to teleport away. Severin's plan was to take Illyria's time manipulation abilities and go back in time to save his girlfriend from dying, and as soon as the team realized this, he attacked. Illyria had her powers drained completely and Severin managed to get away.

    Following this, word came to Buffy that Dawn had fallen into a coma as the magic that kept the Key alive was beginning to fade after the Destruction of the Seed. In order to restore magic to the world and save Dawn, Buffy went to the Deeper Well with Illyria and Willow doing battle with a dead slayer turned vampire, Simone, in the process with the main goal being to use Severin's now abilities to create the new Seed. Severin agreed, and a new seed had taken hold, thereby officially bringing back magic to the world. However Severin and Illyria were killed in a resulting blast as Severin did not have firm control over his powers. Buffy and Willow returned to San Francisco to save Dawn, using Buffy's blood to bring Dawn out of her coma.


    Buffy's martial arts prowess
    Buffy's martial arts prowess

    The Slayer is endowed with superhuman strength, greater than that of an average vampire (only a few ancient vampires matched Buffy's strength); increased agility, also on par with the beasts she’s chosen to slay; speed; heightened reflexes; accelerated healing; enhanced senses; prophetic dreams which warn her about important events to come; memories of past lives of previous slayers; and an ability to recognize when vampires and other unearthly creatures are nearby (this power requires training in order to develop it, Buffy never actually develops it fully and often uses her wits to discern supernatural creatures from humans).

    She also has a natural proficiency with all kinds of weaponry and combatant styles (this also requires training, but slayers are naturally adept at learning martial arts and weaponry). Slayers are also natural leaders and have strong and courageous personalities.

    Buffy flying
    Buffy flying

    At some point in her career, she also possessed the ability to hear other people’s thoughts due to a demon she killed. This ability was lost shortly after. After the events of the Television Series Finale, Buffy's main Big Bad was the superpowered Twilight, later soon revealed to be Angel. Buffy soon developed powers on par with Twilight and much greater than the average Slayer. All of her physical abilities are now much higher than before, granting invulnerability, vast superhuman strength, telescopic vision, and hyperspeed. Buffy can also fly. During Buffy's final battle with Twilight, when Buffy destroyed the Seed of Wonder, it led to her powers reverting back to their normal levels, so she no longer has the previously stated abilities.


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