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Season 8 ended with a bang when Buffy cut the world off from the hell dimensions and all supernatural influence. Great, right? Except Buffy has left her best friend, Willow, powerless, and ended the long line of vampire slayers, leaving her hated by the hundreds of girls who recently stood behind her. Newly relocated to San Francisco, Buffy can count on a fresh start, and focus on what she's good at- slaying.



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Not exactly a strong start to season 9. 0

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season 9 #1How many of you wish that when you open up Buffy comics that the theme song would just start playing? I would love that! In my head I play it but it's just not the same as hearing that guitar play and the drummer going crazy and you get to see all of the awesome stuff that's happened over the series! SO mainly this first issue revolves around Buffy waking up from a night she really doesn't remember. That night being her house warming party! A party it was! It...

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This is Fun and Responsible! 0

Before I start, I have to admit it: Despite my long-standing love for all things Buffyverse, I was not the biggest fan of Season 8. There were parts that I loved (Xander and Dawn, Faith and Giles) and parts that made no sense to me at all (oh, Angel, how you let me down...), but overall the season did not really feel like a season. The plot ran away from its roots and into the stratosphere to a point where many readers just couldn't follow any longer. That being said, this intro issue took the o...

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"Spike and I are starting a band." 0

Season Nine is finally here and it feels like Buffy! Freefall Part One's storytelling is a little different than we normally see. It starts with Buffy waking up and then throughout the day she remembers events from the party the night before. The issue has a lot of great interaction with the Scooby Gang (Everyone's here! Well except for Oz). We get to see Buffy having a good time with her friends, new and old. We are introduced to two new characters. Buffy's roommates: Anaheed and Tumble. Tumble...

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