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The destruction of Buffy's hometown, plus covert and powerful slayer "cells" around the world, add up to a new label for the Scoobies: Terrorist threat. Speaking of Sunnydale, the crater formerly known as, has opened to reveal the witch Amy, and boy is she pissed. Now: Giles, smoochies, a knife to the heart, and a big sleep. Season Eight continues.

Buffy creator Joss Whedon brings Buffy back to Dark Horse in this direct follow-up to Season Seven of the smash-hit TV series.

The tables have turned in the slayer-watcher dynamic. From the beginning it was always one slayer and hundreds of watchers to train her, guide her and finally help the next in line. Now, there is only one watcher: Giles. He trains the hundreds of slayers to work together despite their natural instinct to work alone.

Meanwhile, Buffy trains her own small group to take her down but no one can even knock her over. Andrew has his own band of slayers, seated in a circle, they hang on his every word as he uses Star Wars analogies to try to convey why they aren't allowed to use guns: "No slayer carries a gun, ever, end of talk."

Dawn is still a giant. Xander tries to comfort her as she worries that Buffy hates her. Something is becoming clear, though. Dawn feels abandoned by her powerful sister. She allowed herself to be super-sized in order to get attention from the busy Chief Slayer.

As she fights to train her slayers, keep Dawn from feeling abandoned and her own feelings of guilt over it all, Buffy is about to meet with a sinister and very dangerous military organisation. The strange symbol from the first issue turns up again, this time on the chest of the General who seems hell bent on destroying the slayers.

While walking Buffy to her room, Xander expresses his concerns over Dawn's destructive tendencies. They reach her door and (shock of shock) Buffy invites him in, promising to be gentle. As she kisses him, his head pops right across the room! The world gets stranger as she's sucked out of her window into the waiting jaws of a dragon.

It's all a dream though. Amy has bewitched the chief slayer and she stands over her prone body, knife in hand, ready to deal out her revenge. It's Xander to the rescue with his band of slayers. After all, why would they allow Buffy to sleep without protecting her with magic? Amy's knife splits down the middle and Buffy is fine... and yet she slumbers on.

Amy has had the last laugh. She has cast a spell on Buffy, trapping her in a nightmare world, only to be awoken by true love's kiss. As Xander puzzles over what this could mean and the nuances of "true love", the castle is attacked by an army of mindless zombies. The slayers leap into action but nothing will stop these rotting corpses.

As Amy leans out of the window to gloat, her laughter dies on her lips as a familiar voice lets her know, there's no laugh like the laugh of a witch. Enter Willow, stage right!



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