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    Series creator Joss Whedon unites with writers from the Buffy television series and comics creators to tell tales of the Slayers and vampires through time. This anthology delves deep into the histories of the young women destined to fight against the vampires and demons, and explores tales of dungeon-dwelling vampires as well as those in the modern age including a few dealing with the latest in vampire trends: living in the public eye. Collects Tales of the Slayers TP; Tales of the Slayers: Broken Bottle of Djinn one-shot; Tales of the Vampires #1-#5; "Dames" from Drawing on Your Nightmares Halloween Special; Season Eight Tales of the Vampires: The Thrill one-shot; Season Eight Tales of the Vampires "Carpe Noctem" from MDHP #31 & #32.


    Tales of the Slayers

    • Prologue
    • Righteous
    • The Innocent
    • Presumption
    • The Glittering World
    • Sonnenblume
    • Nikki Goes Down
    • Tales
    • Broken Bottle of Djinn

    Tales of the Vampires

    • Tales of the Vampires Part 1
    • Father
    • Spot the Vampire
    • Dust Bowl
    • Tales of the Vampires Part 2
    • Jack
    • Stacy
    • Tales of the Vampires Part 3
    • Some Like It Hot
    • Problems With Vampires
    • Tales of the Vampires Part 4
    • Taking Care of Business
    • Dames
    • Tales of the Vampires Part 5
    • Antique
    • Numb
    • Tales of the Vampires Part 6
    • The Thrill
    • Carpe Noctem

    Cover Gallery



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    Story Arcs

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