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Season Two Promises to be Darker...

The first episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer's second season lets us know that this series isn't going to be all laughs. Things take a darker turn right from the get-go as Buffy, back from summer vacation, and haunted by nightmares from her encounter with The Master lashes out at everyone around her. Even Cordelia is moved to advise her that she's burning bridges.

The episode sets the tone for the season in terms of character development too - the Willow-Xander-Buffy love triangle gets way more complicated as Willow and Xander share a moment, and Buffy plays mind games with Xander. Angel and Buffy almost share a moment, and Giles and Jenny blunder through the early stages of their own attraction to one another.

There is still some comic relief from all the heavy drama (mostly in the beginning) in the form of Principal Snyder and his dictatorial administrative style.

Another highlight of this episode is performance by indie rock band Cibo Matto.

A good episode which poises the show well for the second season.

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