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Bufford and his brother Boyd Buzzard have spent years in the Canadian wilderness abducting people, eating them and using there bones for decoration.


Buffoord Buzzard was created by Jason Aaron and Jefte Palo in 2011 and first appeared in Wolverine # 5.1.

Major Story Arcs

Wolverine .1

Wolverine meets Bufford and his brother Boyd for the first time. Wolverine rescues a truck driver the pair plan on eating, and after giving the pair a severe beating and cutting off Bufford's hand, he turns them in to the local police. It is there that the brothers are approached by The Hand, who breaks them out for a mysterious mission

Wolverine: Goodbye Chinatown

Bufford and Boyd are hired to kill Mr. Takenaka, the current head of the Yakuza, while he is in New York City, in a meeting with Kingpin. The Buzzard brother have now been mystical powers, that make them much harder to kill .They fail to kill Takenaka due the unexpected appearance of Wolverine, and Seraph and her team. They are last seen being interrogated by Lynx, where they give up the identity of their employer, ninjas.


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