Bueno Excellente

    Character » Bueno Excellente appears in 26 issues.

    Bueno Excellente is a superhero who fights evil with the powers of perversion.

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    Bueno Excellente is a pervert and more than likely a dangerous sadist who just so happens to be a member of a superhero team in the DC Universe, Section 8.  The team consists of a bunch of delusional superhero wannabes and Bueno, who is just sort of there.

    Bueno Excellente fights evil with the powers of perversion.  How exactly this works in a non-Vertigo/DC property is never exactly made clear.  The audience gets glimpses and their minds must do the rest.

    Bueno is an overweight, constantly sweating hispanic male who only ever says "Excellente!" or "Bueno", which is usually preceeded with a chuckle.  At one team meeting, one of his fellow teammates yells at him to stop poking him under the table, while Bueno's hands are both clearly shown to be folded neatly above the table; which just makes one wonder what exactly is happening and feel dirty.

    In combat, Bueno is typically shown just appearing behind an enemy when they aren't paying attention.  He says one or the other of his words and the "camera" cuts away with a scream sound effect.  After one such instance, we later see the headline of a Gotham City newspaper that the person Bueno had snuck up behind had essentially been fatally sodomized, in the craftiest, most family friendly terms they could get this message across in within a non-Vertigo/ DC publication.

    Bueno Excellente is the only member of Section 8 left standing after their final battle; the other team members all being slaughtered or ported' off to an alternate dimension; presumably never to return.  It is unlikely but possible that Bueno Excellente could one day resurface.


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