Buddy Plugg

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    A behavioral psychologist assigned to the Punisher Task Force.

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    Buddy Plugg struggled to find acceptance from a very early age. beginning in kindergarten, he was bullied for his perceived inadequacies and struggled to fit in socially. Throughout his life, Plugg faced a series of embarrassing rejections from the opposite sex that further added to his increasingly bleak outlook. He entered the field of psychology hoping to determine the cause of his social shortcomings and thereby finally gain the acceptance he so desperately sought. Unable to achieve this goal, he decided to at least put his training as a behavioral psychologist to use to help others and hopefully gain some measure of popularity in the process.


    Buddy Plugg was created by Garth Ennis during Welcome Back Frank.

    Major Story Arcs

    Welcome Back Frank

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    Bud Plugg was assigned to the "Punisher Task Force" along with Detective Martin Soap. After preparing a report on the Punisher's motives, Plugg submitted it to Detective Soap only to be met with skepticism as to it's potential usefulness and further demeaned by Detective Soap's summation of his work as psychobabble. Seeing this as "one final and terrible rejection", Plugg hanged himself in Soap's office using his neck tie.


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