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    Character » Buddy Blank appears in 130 issues.

    An average human of the future who was transformed into the powerful One Man Army Corps (O.M.A.C.) by Brother Eye.

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    Sometime in the future, an alien named Professor Z discovered a method for correctly predicting the future 98% of the time. Z predicted that the planet Earth would face a "Great Disaster" that would end human civilization. The discovery seemed to unbalance Z mentally, but his fellow aliens sought to prevent that disaster. They arrived one earth, disguised to pass as humans. They set themselves up as a Global Peace Agency to battle Earth's great evils. The Peace Agents carried no weapons, because they felt that violence on their part would lead only to more violence, which would in turn lead to the Great Disaster. But there were times when force did seem necessary.

    To meet this need, the GPA employed scientist Myron Forest to head Project O.M.A.C. Forest created Brother Eye, an extremely advanced computer housed in an orbiting satellite. Brother Eye then used electronic surgery to perform a computer hormone operation on an ordinary non-partisan stock boy named Buddy Blank.

    Buddy Blank was working for Pseudo-People Inc. The Peace Agency finds their activities suspect.

    This process transformed Blank into OMAC, the One Man Army Corps. With the help of Brother Eye, OMAC battled the international criminals that the GPA could not handle.

    During one of OMAC's earliest battles, Myron Forest was murdered and the secret of Project O.M.A.C. died with him.

    At one time, a group of scientist from Intercorp created a robotic assassin named Murdemek. Mudermek was sent into the past to hunt down and kill Norman Blank a janitor for the Metro Central Station. Norman Blank was an ancestor of Buddy Blank. (DC Comics Presents #61)


    Buddy Blank was a former employee of Wayne Industry, and was involved in the OMAC Project, specifically in the creation of Brother Eye. After the apparent destruction of Brother Eye, Buddy discovered a surviving fragment of Brother Eye and secured it in NORAD's hanger. He and his grandson, Tommy, were met by Karate Kid (Val Armorr) and Una in helping Val, who was contracted with an unidentified virus, in making contact with Brother Eye who may have answers to curing Val's condition. Bringing along with his grandson, Buddy brought Karate Kid and Una to Brother Eye, in which it answer Val's condition as being infected with the Morticoccus virus and directs their answer to the ruins of Blüdhaven.

    Powers and Abilities

    OMAC possesses superior strength and is an expert hand-to-hand combatant.But it was Brother Eye that truly made him a One Man Army Corps. From orbit around Earth, Brother Eye could beam OMAC everything from information to a heavy element shield. Brother Eye could temporarily make OMAC fireproof or bulletproof or boost the strength OMAC's legs, allowing him to jump half a mile. Brother Eye could lighten OMAC's great density to reduce the effects of gravity upon him. He could enclose OMAC in a protective molecular cocoon or help OMAC fake his own death.


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