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Ancient India vividly comes to life in this multiple award-winning series that has convinced American readers Osamu Tezuka is indeed one of the world's greatest comics masters.

Bringing unprecedented visual richness to the traditional story of Siddhartha Gautama, Buddha is an epic masterpiece that is as humorous as it is moving. In this first volume of eight, "The Blessed One" is born.

The Himalayas await you, and Kapilavastu...

Chapter Titles

Part One

  • Chapter 1: Brahmin
  • Chapter 2: Taita the Urchin
  • Chapter 3: General Budai
  • Chapter 4: The Announcement
  • Chapter 5: Chapra
  • Chapter 6: The King's Cup
  • Chapter 7: The Birth
  • Chapter 8: The Contest
  • Chapter 9: All For A Cure
  • Chapter 10: The Prophecy
  • Chapter 11: The Judgment
  • Chapter 12: The Wall of Death

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