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    Budd is a writer and artist who created Cavewoman and president of Basement Comics.

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    Budd has been reading comics since he was a kid, his Grandpa (who many of his issues of Cavewoman are dedicated to) use to buy him 10 cent comics and 50 cent issues of Famous Monsters of Filmland Magazine to read at his cottage on the lake. Budd became a huge fan of Hollywood monster movies, dinosaurs, and of course (one of his major influences) the 1933 classic King Kong.

    Budd joined the Marines in 1979 and graduated boot camp at Paris Island. Budd was stationed at a Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point in North Carolina as a 3072: aviation supply clerk he worked night crew in delivering parts to the squadrons around the flightline. Budd spent some time in the base graphic arts department since he was a very talented artist drawing airplanes, tanks, and of course Godzilla.

    After the Marine Corps Budd tried to get a job with Marvel as his talents developed but was unsuccessful. He met James Robert Smith Jr at a comic shop and they eventually published their first comic James Gang which was a commercial failure. Soon after while living in Charlotte NC, Budd would create Cavewoman a prehistoric T&A book inspired by the Playboy comic Little Annie Fanny. After the death of his grandpa Budd would rewrite the book and with start up cash from his wife, partner, and best friend Leslie Root he would publish Cavewoman independently from his apartment at 4337-D Hathaway Drive under the name of Basement Comics.


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