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Much worse after a re-read.

So Marvel's 3.99$ titles come with a free digital code and I happen to give my free code to a guy on Comicvine. I read the issue rather quickly; amused with the book I had just bought. A smile was on my face, as was a odd arrangement of my eyebrows because at moments the art totally neutered the book. Now, back to the digital code thing I mentioned, the user I gave the code to said "Dude...I couldn't enjoy WS. The art made it so difficult to follow the story. Especially since I was on the Marvel comics app. It made it hard to tell who was speaking." and you know, he isn't wrong. This book came off as a damn mess after a re-read.

Ales Kot is a fantastic writer. I want to say that right away, I adore his Secret Avengers. The thing is, he has a tendency to rely on comedy, far too much. Bucky's is a funny guy, but his humor should be a bit more darker, but his jokes in this issue could come from someone like Deadpool or Spider-Man. My point is I don't think he should be making jokes like "Imperious Sex!" maybe it's just me but I really do think Bucky's jokes should be a tad bit darker; he should also stop saying so many jokes. That isn't Ales's only problem, he does a weird thing here were we jump around, now this wouldn't be a problem if we weren't jumping around unnamed space areas. Bucky can go anywhere in this title, it'd just be cool if we had a reason to care why he went for Skrull-Thai fusion in an unnamed area of space.

So yeah, the re-read really made me realize while the jokes in this issue are witty, they just shouldn't be coming from Bucky but this isn't a MAJOR problem. It's an easy fix, tone down the humor a bit and make it darker. That's how you make me a happy camper... on the writing side of things.

Marco Rudy's art is weird. In a good way at times and downright terrible a couple of pages later. Why? Because he totally switches hi style multiple times. The panel layout is... non existent? I mean was I supposed to have to read the pages four times each so I could figure out the order in which I read stuff? I mean it would of been much easier if I could figure out who was talking to who. Namor could literally be anyone. It took me a little bit to figure out who he was, at all. It's fine to be different but don't let it get in the way of telling a good story.

The writing is a little questionable at times with some really funky art. I liked it a good bit when I quickly read it but after really sitting down and reading it's obvious this book has some problems it needs to fix ASAP.

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