Buck Wargo

    Character » Buck Wargo appears in 13 issues.

    Buck Wargo is a mercenary & prior soldier ally to Guy Gardner: Warrior. He leads his Monster Hunters in South America but had a brief connection to New York City working Guy Gardner's bar. A noted Justice League ally.

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    Buck Wargo is a 3rd generation legacy of Texas whose grandfather made vast wealth during the 1850's in cattle ranching & oil investments. His later grandfather aspired to transcend in the times by making vast finances & successes with the computer industry which had been inherited by Buck Wargo later into his driven upbringing as a pioneer scientist, with accolades in Nobel prizes & awards in fields of science & computers. Buck Wargo's scope for ambition has reached as explorer, archaeology, multi-lingual, inventor, analyst, football player on offense & defense, baseball, fencer, golden glove boxing champion of 8 years, owns a professional football team known as the Texas Fightin' Armadillos and is a proficient military expert in various forms of unarmed & armed combat. His history is widely regarded him as the cowboy equivalent of Doc Savage, nicknamed Buck "The Truck" Wargo.

    Guy Gardner knows of Buck Wargo during military operations in the past involving bizarre instances where Buck settled with a series of mercenaries & refugees regarded as the Warriors into a South American regional part of the world where Guy Gardner would look for more profitable work outside of his Justice League tasks. Buck would investigate archaeological phenomenon that would transform Guy Gardner into a alien hybrid warrior of an extinct alien race, the Vuldarians, set to battle an even older alien warmonger race, the Tormocks, which would have Guy Gardner lose his energy ring but reshaped into a metalloid warrior set in throes to fighting Militia and Dementor.

    Buck develops a working friendship with many heroes, including Tiger Man, Arisia Raab, Lady Blackhawk and Beatriz DaCosta.

    Buck suffers the loss of Arisia in battle against the lunatic Major Force.

    Buck would often get drawn into fights against villains that personally target Guy.


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