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    Buck Rogers first appeared as Anthony Rogers in the novella "Armageddon 2419 A.D" by Philip Francis Nowlan in the August 1928 issue of Amazing Stories, the first magazine devoted to what was then called “scientifiction.”

    In that story Rogers, a former United States Army Air Corps officer falls into a coma after exposure to a leaking gas in a collapsed mine and awakens in the 25th Century, from there daring-do ensues.

    A little less than a year later Nowlan’s story was picked to be the basis for one of the first science fiction newspaper strips, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.

    It would not be long before he started showing up in other media such as films, radio, and comic books, a frequent feature of one of the first comic books, Famous Funnies, where Buck would be a star in the first three and last two years of that publications life.

    There have been many other comics that have featured Buck from a number of publishers since then, with the latest one coming from Dynamite Entertainment.


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