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Buccaneers is replacing Kid Eternity (#1-18). Follows adventures of pirates, most prominent character is Captain Daring. Lasted 9 issues. 

During its short 9 issue run Buccaneers had the same five characters each issue in stories that were almost identical to each other.  
The line-up was 
Captain Daring: The lead character, who pretended to be a pirate but was sailing the Spanish Main out to bring them all down, Captain Daring was pretty obviously modeled on Errol Flynn. 
The Spanish Main: which featured a character called Dick Warr, who some thought was a pirate, but was really out to destroy all their kind, the only way to tell this feature from the first was the art wasn't as good and it only had half as many pages. 
Eric Falcon: Solider of Fortune: Still sailing the Spanish Main, still fencing with pirates, but at least he was a bit of a rogue and wasn't out to end piracy single-handed.  
A two page text piece as was required by the Post Office so they could send comics through the mail by 3 class mail.  
Black Roger: Shanghaied from an English port he escapes, puts on a mask, calls himself Black Roger and dedicates himself to sinking every pirate he can find. Basically this is Captain Blood reduced to 6 pages and put in a mask.... guess who played Captain Blood in the movies... Yep, so with the last feature of this comic it circles around on itself. Art by Reed Crandell was good.


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