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    Bubble is the largest Russian comic book publisher which was founded in 2011. It is the only publishing house in Russia which monthly produces original comic books. Most of Bubble comics have official English translation on ComiXology.

    The publishing house also has a film studio of the same name, engaged in the production of films and series based on their own comics.

    List of Bubble Universe comics

    NOTE: Not all issues of the series have been uploaded to Comic Vine.

    First wave (2011-2016):

    Second wave (2017-2020):

    Named as Second Wind.

    Third wave (2020-):

    The third wave was not officially announced, as most of the series not related to Major Grom have come to an end and have not been relaunched. However, the launch of the third Major Grom ongoing series and his spin-offs can be considered the actual third wave.

    • Майор Игорь Гром (Major Igor Grom) is a triquel to Major Grom
    • Чумной Доктор (Plague Doctor) is a spin-off to Major Igor Grom
    • Ведьма (Witch) is a spin-off to Major Igor Grom
    • Атлан (Atlan) is a spin-off to Plague Doctor
    • МИР (MIR)
    • Сокол (Sokol)

    List of Bubble Universe movies

    YearOriginal TitleEnglish TitleType
    2021Майор Гром: Чумной ДокторMajor Grom: Plague DoctorMovie
    2023Гром: Трудное детствоGrom: Hard ChildhoodStreaming movie
    2024Майор Гром: ИграMajor Grom: GameMovie
    TBAФурияFuryStreaming series

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